How can i become an independent financial advisor? related questions

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How can i become an independent financial advisor?0Kanicka2012-08-05 16:49:48
i would like to become an independent financial advisor so i would like to know what licenses i can obtain on my own that can replace the series 6 and 7. i know i can take the 63 and 65 without being sponsored but what else is needed to start ( any other licenses?). i pretty much know how it works to use other companies like set up appointments to sell life insurance companies products and find myself a broker dealer is that correct.
Personal Medical Insurance Financial Planner/Advisor?2hare2012-09-26 19:45:05
Just as many people utilize the services of financial advisors, I would like to know if there is an advisor that works to recommend the most suitable personal medical insurance for families and individuals? This service would preferably be in or around the Sacramento California area. Thank you!
How is it working as a Financial Advisor? selling life insurance, etc. for Metlife or any of those?0Dolores Metoyer2012-11-04 22:46:37
I recently graduated college and I'm considering working as a financial advisor. The company is North Shore Financial but it is part of Metlife. I know that at the beginning you have to make a lot of phone calls, and "build a client base". I am a single mother and need a steady income. Can anyone tell me how soon you start making decent money, what's the hardest part? any tips? would you recommend this job? thank you!! I'm facing a difficult career situation. I don't want to go for something that sounds better that it really is.
Our financial advisor is telling us to get permanent life insurance, is this a good idea?2Dominica2012-10-25 21:15:03
My husband and I are 24/26 and in good health. The payment is $ 250K each, if we die and there is no cash balance to be drawn after 10 years. It will cost $ 63/month $ 78/month for me and for him. Our advisor insists that we do, while
How come I do not qualify as an independent to receive financial aid?0sowah2012-09-02 17:30:04
I have 21 years , global me 20 + hours a week in a resteraunt , I have to pay rent and do not live with my parents , and they did not tell me for tax purposes , or health insurance . I'm trying to get financial aid for college , but it says to qualify i should " Be at least 24 on or before December 31 of the award year , an orphan ( both parents deceased ) or ward of the court , be a veteran , be a graduate or professional student , being married, having legal dependents ; . receive a waiver of a financial aid administrator for the unusual circumstances MedlinePlus Would you be able to appeal and say that I have unusual circumstances ? MedlinePlus I do not understand or agree with your definition of independent at all ... I pay my own rent , the work of my own work , I pay my own insurance , go to school and pay for my books and classes , and I have 21 , do not get money from my parents to the school . How 'm not independent ?
What companies hire independent producers for Insurance & Financial products (already licensed)?0acshikari2012-08-03 19:19:03
I am a financial advisor / insurance agent with the Series 7, 66 , Life and Health. I quit my job so I can work from home, and want to find a company that I can work part-time. I have the intent to sell, but I do not have minimum production requirements . What are reputable companies that I can work ? Is it normal to pay for licenses to keep my activity? How much?
How do i get LIC advisor?0ミ ミ Weinidanrui 2012-05-04 07:55:32
How I can get LIC advisor ?
What is an insurance advisor?07582012-10-11 14:45:03
While I was searching yahoo questions and answer for a work at home job,I saw an answer to a question in careers and employment mention the job insurance advisor,what is an insurance advisor? Is this selling insurance? I am a caregiver and I am limited to working when and where I want so I am looking for a real online job. I am also finishing up an online course I took in medical transcription,but that is going to take a while to learn the job. Meanwhile because I can only work part time outside the home in the medical field,I am searching for an online fulltime job.
What is a registered investment advisor ?10stevepreston2017-10-07 00:46:53
investment advicer
Want to recruit insurance advisor how?0 〆 eating fried ﹑ -2012-04-28 17:03:54
I AM A MENTOR BUSINEE Birla SUN LIFE INSURANCE CO LTD BRANCH Burdwan, SANKHARI PUKUR , DIV around more, Burdwan - 713103 , WEST BENGAL.WILL is going to hire some ADVISOR , ladies and gentlemen over 18 years How ?
I am insurance policy advisor, any one what ...................?2Derek2012-10-16 23:15:02
I am an advisor to the insurance policy , anyone ................... ?
Admissions Advisor or Auto Adjuster?0Kiana2012-10-02 10:15:04
I have two job offers and compensation is similar , one is in an accredited college meeting with new students and the other is a car insurance adjuster ? I know, different strokes for different folks , but what would be the best option ?

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