I have a full automatic driving licence, can I use a Road Legal Automatic Quad Bike on the road ? related questions

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I have a full automatic driving licence, can I use a Road Legal Automatic Quad Bike on the road ?8~Latina~ 2012-05-31 18:21:54
I have a driving license automatically, you can use an automatic road legal quad on the road?
How old do you have to be to get a road legal quad bike licence to ride on the roads?2Connie2012-05-02 02:13:34
For a large 200 - 600cc four
In the UK, what licence to i need to drive a road legal quad on the road?3hyena, hyaena2012-05-18 01:28:23
of a 17 years old, and like a 400 cc quad , do not really understand the set up
Road legal quad bike? (uk)?0kathi2012-06-24 06:17:52
I am thinking of buying a road legal Quad hes advertised as off-road , but four states "can be done legally " what documentation should have that I ask for? Thank you.
Do I need to SVA/IVA a quad bike to get it road legal?0whale2012-03-27 19:45:02
As title really I have to SVA / IVA a quad or just register for a road legal kit
Can you drive a semi automatic cars when you only own a automatic driving licence?1Phat T 2012-06-15 16:03:54
I have a driving license for automatic cars is like to know if I drive a semi automatic car
Drive automatic + semi automatic with an automatic licence?3Birch2012-02-20 18:27:51
+ Semi automatic operation with an automatic auto license ?
How much would full coverage auto insurance cost on a 2dr Chevy Camaro automatic with 102000 miles automatic and power windows and doors locks1[email protected]~ 2011-12-17 17:28:39
Is an automatic driving licence a full licence?2Montagu2012-07-21 11:54:02
I have an automatic driving license which I am aware that the media only I can drive a car with an automatic transmission. I was still under the impression however, that this meant he had a " driving license " , as it is not a provisional license . When I bought my car insurance, there was no option to select " fully automatic" licensing only " full UK driving license " , which I duly did - my insurance company are now saying I have to pay an additional fee because it was announced that an " automatic only " license even though it was not the issue and there was no option to select it.
Can a person who passes their driving test in a automatic car drive semi automatic car?0namrot2012-06-24 18:30:38
Can a person who passes his driving test in a car semi - automatic drive automatic car ?
Im after quad bike insurance for the road?2cobra2012-04-28 12:49:31
im after a decent price insurance to cover a yamaha raptor 660 51plate for use in the way of his saves in a brick covered with metal gate with an anchor to the ground and the bike has an alarm and immobilzer .
Do you pay the full repair costs if you crash a quad bike into another quad bike after signing a disclaimer1_ Curcuma resistance near 2011-12-21 15:44:19
Do you pay full repair costs if you crash a quad in another quad after signing a disclaimer

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