Some one tell me what mean for motor insurance , home insurance,travel insurance, health insurance and life? related questions

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Some one tell me what mean for motor insurance , home insurance,travel insurance, health insurance and life?0frustrated2012-08-05 15:45:03
some one tell me what mean for motor insurance , home insurance,travel insurance, health insurance and life
Travel/health insurance - should I buy from home country or destination?0Tehila2012-09-09 01:01:02
I'm a college student living in New Zealand who will be studying on exchange in the UK for six months . I need to buy travel insurance and health , and I can buy this either in New Zealand or the United Kingdom (there is a UK supplier which is highly recommended ) . Does it matter if you buy insurance from their country of origin or destination ? that is, the ease of making complaints, etc ?
If i wanted insurance is it cheaper to do it all through the same people? (life,travel,home and car insurance)1Cindy2012-09-19 22:28:03
If you want the insurance is cheaper than doing everything through the same people ? (Life , travel , home and auto insurance)
What type of insurance(life, health, motor, property, accident) that is suitable for this couple?0bujji2012-08-03 23:45:04
The husband:pursuing 1st degree through long-distance learning via open-university The wife: 4 month pregnant Husband & wife both 25 years old and working as government officer, and both side has high risk health history, newly wed (2009). Properties: 1 single storey house(new), I car (new), I motorcycle (new) Q1.What type of insurance(life, health, motor, property, accident) that is suitable for this couple? Q2.Between life & health insurance , which one that can give them more coverage based on their condition?
Cheap insurance for a hired motor-home for 1 week only?0Meat Duck 2012-10-08 04:40:01
We're hiring a motor -home for 6 days and the need to organize our own insurance . Does anyone know where to find adequate insurance ? We are in the UK .
Motor home insurance in ireland names of companies that quote please?1gopak2012-08-05 16:04:47
What happens if I fly overseas and my pet gets very ill. Is there travel insurance that will let me come home?0tanny2012-08-21 20:30:02
What happens if I fly abroad and my pet becomes very ill . Is there a travel insurance that allows me to go home ?
If i bought a class 8 truck in n.c. What would i need to get it home ?insurance and what sort of motor carrier?0Jeana2012-09-06 15:19:09
i live in my could fly and drive home . What kind of things I need dot ?
A motor home reversed into me & admitted full fault but now my insurance say they are claiming I hit them HELP?0Tristen2012-09-21 07:45:03
A motor home and invested in our car and admitted full fault lady said she had a moment of madness and saw a space and just reversed? This was the main road from Ocean Boulevard Blackpool at 1.30 during the day so traffic.They mounted back to back our car and blew the horn as soon as the reverse light came on, we were all there more Data & apologised.We thought this was enough and went on with our day and the car was still manageable but dinted bumper and hood and scratched.Once arrived home days later I informed our insurance and got a price on damage.My husband called the man to explain it would cost quite a bit to be fixed and better than spending by insurance, but he said it was just a driver called and wanted to talk to the main driver when he got home (in 4 days). We thought it sounded a bit dodgy, as also was his wife who was driving and not him, so we talked to a lawyer who took all the details.I today have had a call from my insurance that the other driver is claiming that we took them? I can not believe this.Any advice is welcome, I and my lawyer is in the process of trying to get Blackpool cctv board and contact all the local shops by a witness. My insurance have not been unhelpful, but thank God for my lawyer, and he said he also sent an inspector to check the damage to my car could only have made them reversing.I really hope this is going to courts so they can be shown to be liars and also said he was driving and not by matching wife.Just I was taking a photo on my phone from the passenger seat for about 30 seconds before and you can see the trailer is a good car space in front, but after that only through her back at a good speed and hit us (there are 3 children in the back of the trailer watching beep). I can not believe people can be so horrible to do this. I wish I asked a witness at the time. Thanks for advice x
Does anybody know which motor insurers will honour NCBs having not held motor insurance for just OVER 2 years?1Sri Lanka2012-04-28 23:21:13
I heard that you can not even drive up to 3 years and still get full NCB if I had to before, is this true ? I've been cycling for just over 2 years, but that move and need a new car soon. Please help, thank you very much .
Australians heading home travel insurance?0Maryanne2012-11-02 00:06:56
I am flying from Sweden to Melbourne via Frankfurt and Singapore without stopovers (Singapore air). Departing 20 July from Stockholm and arrival in Melbourne on 23rd July. What is the best single trip travel insurance for me to cover this period of travel(aussie , 34 years old)
Does travel insurance cover in home country1ABIGAIL 2012-01-08 20:48:02
Do you have travel insurance in the country of origin

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