How are private health insurance companies going to be able to compete with a government run healthcare system? related questions

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How are private health insurance companies going to be able to compete with a government run healthcare system?1justme2012-11-04 12:49:05
How can a government run health insurance entity "compete" with private companies? Will it pay taxes?1N-PROPER-COLL 2012-09-25 19:15:03
It boggles my mind that the proponents of a government run health insurance entity would actual state that this entity would bring competition to the insurance arena. How would these private businesses compete with someone who does not have to pay taxes. How do companies compete with an entity that can literally raise taxes to pay for operational costs or an entity that is funded non voluntarily by the citizens of the United States? Can the private insurance companies pass legislation that changes the rules of the game in the insurance business? No but the government could certainly dictate the rules of their own business by passing legislation in its favor. Can someone please give me a logical reason as to how this government run health insurance option would do anything other than run private insurance into the ground to ultimately pave the way for the government to be the only health care option?
Healthcare: why not have a public option to compete against private insurance companies. If you want to pay?1kiran2012-09-15 08:12:04
more for private, supposedly better, healthcare then you still can. Isn't that what the free marketplace is all about. If the public option will be bad, no one will want it. If it survives, then the marketplace has spoken. What are private insurance companies afraid of?
How would "public option" government health insurance compete "fairly" with private health insurers?2Britani2012-10-20 02:13:03
Can private sector insurers compete with government insurance in health care "reform"?1Vinitha2012-08-01 14:26:53
0bama said that the government will not compete with private insurers , and that you will be able to keep your insurance if you are happy with it ? Which , where appropriate , the defects are in this position?
How exactly is a government mandate to purchase PRIVATE health insurance a government takeover of healthcare?2Charley2012-10-27 21:26:03
Do facts seem to escape Republicans because of irrational fear or is it simply a matter of political tactics to lure the "not so bright" to their side? Does "govenment takeover" not imply that there is no involvement from private companies?
Why can't private business compete with government programs?0Aanthony2012-09-28 15:28:02
Does the USPS has FedEx , UPS , DHL , etc , etc ? MedlinePlus The USPS pays employees well , offering low-cost services , timely and quality . To compete , that's all you need to do your competitors . And guess what ? They're doing it ! They pay their employees well and offer a quality service at affordable prices all at reasonable prices to compete with the USPS . So if USPS can have competition , why not the public option ? Or can not the health insurance executives do not go without a zoo on his property to gain customers ?
If insurance companies can't even compete against a government option, why do we have them again?2Charlene2012-07-02 18:25:02
If insurance companies can not even compete with a government option , why are we again?
Why does our government feel they need to COMPETE with Insurance Companies? Is this a Joke?0legeset2012-10-13 06:02:58
Think about it: here we have a government that has the power to save the banks , buying car companies , fire CEOs, give raises , trying to raise taxes on our energy bills ( cap and trade breakfasts ) , But they can get cozy with these health insurance companies and doctors and try to come up with a plan that could be more reasonable or affordable for all Americans . MedlinePlus This is crazy . Our government is cozy with GE and all these companies that give our campaign finance and government can not get cozy with insurance companies to plan or better with the broadest base income , etc someones MedlinePlus So this seems like a joke, when our government says it wants to compete with insurance companies to reduce the cost . They must think we are really stupid .
When Liberals claim that insurance companies have no competition & the government needs to compete with them?3s.d2012-10-20 01:47:03
Don't they realize there already are hundreds of health insurance companies? Isn't that already competition or do they really think taxpayer subsidized insurance plans would in any way be real competition?
How would a government-run health insurance system solve the problems faced by those with private insurance?0yangdond2012-06-29 11:35:02
Do not be the same issues - including the cost ? And no, the insurance companies do not make their profits from denying care. Attract customers by providing health - maybe even more if they would indivduals were responsible for purchasing their own insurance - . And make money by investing the funds And government-mandated price reductions for services and drugs create disincentives for people to enter, stay and invest in these industries. So what 's the solution? Thank you.
Why do private health insurance companies raise your premiums while giving you less healthcare?0achut dahal2012-11-06 02:47:22
is it because they are greedy?

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