Can I buy life insurance for a non-family member? related questions

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When a family member dies when does there family get life insurance ?4Donahu2012-06-19 14:06:14
my best friends grandpa is very ill and fear the worst. unfortunately they do not have enough to cover funeral expenses for when that day comes, you have life insurance but do not know how long it takes for them to receive their life insurance benefits .. Does anyone know of this?
Can I buy life insurance for a non-family member?1Valerie2012-10-25 15:58:02
I know this 60 year old guy, he looks homeless but isn't. Looks like he could go at any time. He never eats. Just drinks beer. My friends and I would like to take out a life insurance policy on him. He says it would be okay.
Can you take out a life insurance policy on a family member?3Enoc2012-06-10 23:18:35
I have a sick parent , which is unfortunately locked and refuses to update his policy, he will not likely be able to settle their affairs end in the event of your death . What recourse do I have as a son ? ¿ I can install and pay for my own policy to fill the void? I mean the difference between my mother who lives at home , and possibly leave destitute. ( I'm kind of hoping to be the knight in shining armor in this case)
How do you find life insurance for a lost family member?0trae2012-08-04 01:17:50
Can a family member take out a life insurance policy on me without my knowing it?0Kennet2012-06-05 12:51:58
I'm pretty sure he has my Social Security number .... this is serious and I fear that ...
Can a member of the family cash in a persons life insurance and beneficiaries?0Ker2012-05-09 23:38:49
Hello, I 'm putting this on my friend's nan just died it 2 years ago my mother's friend took his life insurance is the mother and the beneficiaries. sorry I do not know what the latter is your nan has just died and my friend is having to pay for everything , is it legal . Never heard of it plus they are trying to take money from my friend in a moment she is very vulnerable need advice please , my friend lives in America.
When a family member dies, is there a time period that you need to get the life insurance by?1aammmyyy2012-07-03 12:01:03
Suppose the insurance is only about $1,000 - not really worth anything. So you decide to put it aside. You have other things to take care of: Close accounts, send death certificates, and settle the estate Sometimes even put a home up for sale, along with cars and furniture Can a person wait a year or two before claiming the life insurance? Is there a time period?
What options do you have if a family member dies and has NO life insurance in the state of Texas1Neda2012-02-27 18:42:00
What choices do you do if a family member dies and has no life insurance in the state of Texas
How much time do they give you to claim life insurance on a deceased family member?1Kerwi2012-10-04 08:45:03
a friend told me 3 years? I can not really find anything online ? the reason is the insurance company denied the claim of my father 3 years ago , and I can live with it I have to resolve this situation. Thanks for your help
How can I find information about an Life Insurance policy that a family member signed her up for?1`sunflower2012-06-25 02:02:56
My mother was going through difficult times and took refuge with the family member ( who is known for shade was), and was from the SS, welfare benefits , and so on, my question is that my mother does not know if that family member took out a policy on it because of the drugs he was taking, is a site or someone I could contact to find out ?
What happens if family member doesn't have life insurance and dies In the state of Ohio1LX Size: Big guys 2011-12-26 05:25:51
Can the IRS come after money that is payed out by a life insurance policy for a family member that has passed?1Celia2012-05-30 22:09:03
- Meaning . If you owe the IRS money and I'll be the beneficiary of a life insurance policy the government takes this money when deposited in my bank account ? I have to divide the funds between my brothers and I want everyone to be affected by this.

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