How long on workers comp can you keep you health insurance from your work? related questions

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How long on workers comp can you keep you health insurance from your work?1Stormie2021-06-08 01:20:28
i mean like for things not related to my work injury? how long do they have to keep my job for me?
For how long can someone get workers comp?1Horac2021-06-04 01:26:59
How long can someone get workers compensation ?
HOW DOES WORKERS COMP WORK?0Michae2012-05-13 19:34:18
I just got hurt at work , working in a meat department and a knife came into my hand cutting or damaging some tendons nervs and I went to the hospital and I had 10 stitches after I could not feel my finger rate right now my question is .. im having surgery in 2 days and iil be out of work , how much I received from my workers' compensation ? is that 2/3 of the grossness of what I can do ? Now I am eligible for compensation from the surgery? Thank you ! !
How long do it takes to get a settlement from workers comp?1"Oun Som Ped", Thai for fat orange chick 2012-08-03 06:25:03
last year was injured in the workplace continues to work with this company , how long does it take them normaily agreement , which became a lawyer in this case , how long will it take after I'm releasesd doctor.
Workers Comp investigators how long do they follow you?2Raymond2012-09-23 03:15:02
I am not a false case . this has been a year and I'm tired of it.
What can I expect if im injured @ work and they have no workers comp insurance?0Pola2012-06-30 02:27:02
I am employed in Indiana and was injured at work ... I was informed only that my employer has no workers ' compensation insurance and no insurance at all. If I had to sue my employer for my dr . bills and wages and loss that goes bankrupt does that mean I 'm screwed?
I was burned by hot grease at work in PA. Am I entitled to have workers comp pay?3Helen2012-10-11 08:02:03
I was injured in a restaurant in the PA by the hot fat . A type of accident and triped shed a lot of fat in the arm. It was a second degree burn . What I have right ?
How long after workers comp claims is accepted will I get a check for back-pay?0 Jakarta2012-05-05 18:36:56
How long after workers comp claims accepted I receive a check for late payments?
Workers comp and M R I procedures- do u need approval from workers comp first, or can it just be scheduled??2Dolphin2012-06-08 23:41:08
my mother injured her knee at work and has been out for a week now, and the doctor refuses to schedule an MRI until approved by workers comp ... Presonally I hate the doctor, I tried to arrange a procedure that would have caused a permanent disability so naturally I doubt it completely ... also the administrator . staff at work from my mother told MRI procedures no longer require prior approval in the State of New York ... What is the truth of the matter and that we contact to get the MRI scheduled now? she needs to get healthy and return to work , live paycheck to paycheck and this really is doing great harm to her.
I injured myself at work. Been on workers comp for 3 months. Got cleared and now find i out i don't.....4 불가산명사 2021-06-10 00:30:16
have a job. What kind of legal action I can take? If I can sue, I can sue to get my job or what? I live in Florida.
If I return to work after a workers comp. injury, do I need to use a sick day if I have a recheck?0Hunte2012-05-13 06:15:18
with workers' compensation . the dr . Appointment only . ' S for the hours they work and I have to take a full day or half .
Husband broke neck at work. eligible for workers comp??5CASTBOUND 2012-06-21 08:45:48
My husbnad is a sub contractor.While at work ( work for the company 3 or 4 months ) fell from the top of a ladder and broke his neck. We live in Tennessee. Frankly I know nothing about workers' compensation and will not submit to then discover it is not eligible (my parents own the company that submitted againt .. and that raise their insurance and we would get no benefit .. ) there are some rules about the length of a subcontractor must be working somewhere before I could workers' compensation ? What would be the cover workers' compensation ? Is there anything that would prevent him from being eligible?

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