I have diabetes being diabetic type 2 and I can't control my eating habits and doctor's orders? related questions

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I have diabetes being diabetic type 2 and I can't control my eating habits and doctor's orders?1Arika =]2012-11-05 10:17:02
I was just diagnozed type 2 diabetes, couple of weeks ago and I can not control my eating and my doctor told me to Weight Watchers , I have no health insurance, but asked me to do Weight Watchers 6 months before going to bariatric surgery. But back then I did not have diabetes , can my insurance approval, now that I have type 2 diabetes?
Just how bad are my eating habits? Any advice?0Tiyana2012-07-16 12:56:02
I have a couple of odd habits with eating. I will chew and spit food about every other day. (but not large amounts, like maybe a piece of bread with peanut butter or 2 granola bars) I will restrict my eating, and whenever I do end up eating, even if it is small amounts such as a bowl of cereal I will purge it out. So I restrict to not allow myself to swallow more than 500 calories a day (but I attempt to purge this out) and will not chew and spit more than one or two items at a time. What are the side effects of this? Should I seek help, for I do not clinically fall under any eating disorder and insurance company requires a diagnosis for treatment. (They do not accept EDNOS under my insurance plan, which Im pretty sure what I have?) In case if you are wondering I am 18, 5'4, and weigh 129 pounds. I have slowly developed this behavior since I went to college last fall. And in the past 2 months is when it really 'blossomed' and from this I have lost 33 pounds in that 2 month time period. Every day it is getting more intense, so any advice for me to stop this behavior with eating, it is really addicting.
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How much is life insurance usually for a type 1 diabetic with an a1c of 7.3?0Mirabelle2012-05-02 12:26:36
How much life insurance is usually a type 1 diabetic with an A1c of 7.3?
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What travel insurance and documents do i need as a type 1 diabetic?0Ms. Lisa2012-07-17 04:59:03
im a type 1 diabetic and im going away to bulgaria for 11 nights with my friends. i have a doctors letter for travel for my medication. however im confused as to what insurance i need and were to get it without getting ripped off!! are there any other things i need? ive heard about E1/11 forms or european insurance forms i can get from the post office? ive left it abit short notice as i leave on monday morning (in 4days!!!) any advice will be much apreciated!!
Diabetes type 2 help?2yu2016-10-14 07:37:24
I want to start by saying I have no insurance so I can not go to a doctor for questions and therefore I am technically undiagnosed but in the last month a lot of symptoms of type 2 diabetes have occured, also because of depression issues I spent the last two years doing nothing but smoking weed and eating a crapload of bad food so it makes sense I would get it (I'm also obese-shocker right lol) Okay here's the question- it's obvious I have nerve damage from the diabetes, tingling in my feet when I bend over etc, random burning spots up and down legs etc, since the obvious nerve damage has occured I've changed everything-I eat way less and I count all surger and fAt etc that I consume and I've been riding a bike an average of 3 miles a day, but the symptoms don't subside and sometimes I think thy could be getting worse (at the same time, after I exercise the symptoms are almost gone but come back after I eat). So will counting fat and surger intake and exercise be enough to reverse or at least stop further damage to my nervous system or do I need to find a way to pay for a doctor visit to get insulin or something else?
What can a type-1 diabetic do for short term health insurance?0ramla A2012-06-25 16:38:34
My girlfriend , a type of diabetes -1, was in a miserable job for 3 months of waiting to start health insurance. After putting in all that time he had to quit. Now, most of the other work she has been interviewing require a wait of 3 months until health coverage begins . What can we do to get your health insurance - between jobs , despite having a "preexisting condition "? I worry that something happens along the way and we must come to its insured. In the absence of marriage and adding it to my plan , are there viable alternatives ? Thank you.
I have just been diagnosed Type 1 diabetic.How do I get car insurance in Alberta,Canada?0Raj2012-06-26 21:19:02
My hubby now wants me to get my own car insurance. Can I get it online? How much will it cost (he will only give me $200/month for it), I am so scared of all this.

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