Was malled by a vicious dog on the property of a neighbors yard, What rights do I have? They do not have insur?

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I went into the yard and kept two dogs vicious chain of 2 feet from your door, and had broken the chain before I knew it and when I turned around to return attacked me, the burger of my right leg , no one heard me screaming, while continuing to bite several times I went immediately to the emergency room , instead of calling 911 who waited until they could start his truck, he was not trying to start on the other hand , making me bleed out for ten minutes, to reach the hospital , he learned that was punctured 16 times 5 directly to the exposed bone broke an artery and fractured the bone surgery received 2 tibula hospital stay of 7 days to return home with a health nurse home every day and say they have no insurance that the hospital is concerned that I will lose my leg. I have one more surgery to come. Any ideas ? I need advice and opinions, please , if possible , are trying to return the dog home I am the person 5 to be attacked, the dog should be put DOWN ! This could have been a child instead of myself. It would have killed a child . I'm still scared about all this ! They have not called even once asked me about me.This is the county not city limits any lawyer or someone with experience in this type of situation? Thank you !
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