I was pedestrian injured in hit and run auto accident on the 4th of July.? related questions

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I was pedestrian injured in hit and run auto accident on the 4th of July.?0Xzavier2012-08-04 09:11:02
The driver stopped for a moment but failed to be provide any info. I was in severe pain and only managed to see letters VTX , and noticed Virgina License plates on the vehicle that hit me. We informed the lady we where going to Weiss hospital which was five minutes away. The lady who hit me gave my partner a cell phone # and said her name was Kay Watkins. This Kay Watkins then called my partner at least five or six times while we where at hospital just to state she would not give any info, She staes her Uncle who is an attorney told her she had ten days to report the accident. When I was released from Hospital 2 hours later I went to The District Police Station to file a report. While there this lady who calls herself Kay Watkins called my partner 's cell phone, and asked to speak to desk officer. He refused to speak to her, but provided her with the station's phone number. She immediately called and provide false information to that desk officer. The name she gave was some African name, the drivers license info did not match the drivers birthday or name provided by this woman. The insurance policy she provided is expired. It seems the only thing we have is a cell phone number. I have retained Attorney who are now filing a claim on my auto insurance for uninsured motorist, What can I do to get this person held accountable for her actions?
If a pedestrian is found at fault in an accident involving a car and pedestrian which insurance would pay the medical bills - the auto insurance or the pedestrian's health insurance1Basi2012-02-17 00:25:05
If a pedestrian is at fault in an accident with a pedestrian car insurance pay medical expenses - car insurance or insurance health pedestrians
Pedestrian auto accident?0Scott2012-09-01 14:51:02
I have a question about a personal injury really appreciate it if someone answered honestly . I wondered if an insurance company offers the policy limits , but the witch is nowhere near enough for damage is there any other way to get more out of them ?
Auto/Pedestrian accident, Advice.?0Alexander2012-04-26 07:08:34
I was struck by a truck company in a lot of gas station parking . I can return to a pre-existing injury , well documented, back condition . Your insurance has accepted liability. What I can expect as a settlement ?
If my stepdaughter causes a auto accident, can the injured come back on my auto insurance policy to pay?0Chillin Dylan2012-10-12 22:45:03
my stepdaughter caused a accident and her insurance had to pay its limits but the injuries to the person was more than her policy would cover, can the injured come back on my auto policy under resident relative claus? She lives with me and I have her on my health insurance but not my auto insurance, even though she occ. drives my car.
I was in an auto accident and have to pay out of pocket, no one was injured.?0 ωǒ old ぺ Public -2012-08-05 00:49:49
Other then paying for the damage of the vehicle and possilbly her deductable, what other fees are her insurance company going to tack on. I was thinking maybe her car rental fees too...? I don't have a clue?
I was in an auto accident and was injured. Should I get an attorney?0Martha2012-03-17 10:24:14
I have rear ended about a year. I've been in treatment for my right shoulder since the accident. I sprained my rotator cuff, bursitis I have bad and may have nerve damage. The doctor told me recently that I have permanent damage from this accident and will have pain for the rest of my life. I was 3 months after graduating from cosmetology school when the accident happened and wanted to be a stylist, but since I got injured I have not been back to school and my doctor said I should look at other careers, because he doesn 't think that can never be a stylist. I was thinking of getting a job right after graduation, but said that does not work well. I also had to continue to pay rent out of work for 11 months. I really do not want to get a lawyer because they carry much of the settlement money, but at the same time, I feel like I'm probably because this could be an important case. I'll have to go to a different school and train me for some other career that I think should pay for and I think they should refund my studies in cosmetology, because I could not finish and have already paid for it. I think they should refund my money for rent, if not a fixed amount of money per month that could not work. I also feel as I have permanent damage, you should get a pretty good amount. You will probably have to consult a doctor, go to physical therapy and get cortisone injections for the rest of my life. Most important to me, however not being able to have the job I want so badly. I worked very hard and learned a lot about hair, skin diseases and all. I feel like I should somehow be compensated for it. Do you think I'll end up with more settlement money if I have a lawyer or if I do (after paying the lawyer of his share)? and do you think this will be a big case? I do not know what qualifies as a "big" case so you do not know. I do not know what to do or how to solve. You think I'm being reasonable with what I said? Please help!
I just got into an auto accident should i get a lawyer if I was injured?0HELP??????? thanks!2012-07-26 18:26:02
The reason I 'm asking is that I can be able to negotiate with the insurance company for a settlement on my own or should I hire a lawyer to contact the insurance company for me? Any advice ?
I was injured in a auto accident and have a lawyer...need help?0cierra2012-08-03 17:32:02
I was in a car accident and I have a lawyer that has received the check from the insurance company , I asked that he pay the doctor with it..He said he has the check but he is redirected PIP reserved for lost wages. I didn't have a job..Legally can I demand him to pay the Dr. or do I have know rights when it comes to that. This lawyer is not a very good lawyer but this was new to me and he half the time doesn't even call me back. Please advise what I should do and if I can demand he pay the Dr.
What recourse(s) do you have when you were injured in an auto accident someone else caused?0Super2012-07-19 11:06:03
Some man ran the red light and hit me on the driver's side while I was driving across the intersection. I have a broken clavicle bone. He only has the limit amount of insurance.
Do I need a lawyer if someone caused an auto accident but I was not injured?0momof32012-08-03 07:10:06
I was recently in an auto accident caused by someone else running a red light. I plowed into them as I went into the intersection. It was my first accident and there were a few things I failed to do at the scene, but the authorities pretty much handled all the info. I also did notify my insurance company right away. Anyway, the other party was very quick to argue that I ran the red light and said she was injured and was hauled off in an ambulance. She wouldn't even talk to me except to argue that it was my fault and rolled up her window. I also believe she was on her cell when she ran it, but can't prove it or anything, except that it was already up to her ear after the impact. The other thing that stinks is that all the people sitting in their cars at HER red light she ran never stuck around as witnesses. I did have a passenger in my car who does agree my light was green. Anyway, I wasn't hurt, the front end of my car is wrecked and now leaking oil. I wasn't at fault and am afraid that, without witnesses and because she was injured, she's going to come after me in a "he said, she said" battle. Do I need a lawyer? Every time I search for car accident lawyers they always come back with "personal injury attorneys". I am not injured, so what do I do?
If injured in auto accident and you may need surgery how does that affect your claim?0sebastian2012-10-21 21:32:29
im done the treatment and I found that may need surgery in the future. How will you pay for this insurance ? will pay doctors or pay the amount that surgery can cost ? my shoulder may need surgery i deal with pain every day .

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