What companies hire independent producers for Insurance & Financial products (already licensed)? related questions

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What companies hire independent producers for Insurance & Financial products (already licensed)?0acshikari2012-08-03 19:19:03
I am a financial advisor / insurance agent with the Series 7, 66 , Life and Health. I quit my job so I can work from home, and want to find a company that I can work part-time. I have the intent to sell, but I do not have minimum production requirements . What are reputable companies that I can work ? Is it normal to pay for licenses to keep my activity? How much?
Licensed insurance producers, please share, I new to the biz:)?2Adam2012-10-21 17:03:01
Please share some words of wisdom and experience with me. Anything is welcome. I am a newly licensed Life / Health independent agent is supplied with large cables . Secrets , tips, and the adivice road. The mistakes you have done to avoid?
Any other licensed producers in the insurance field I need help??? please?0N-SING-COLL 2012-05-20 22:27:04
I am a licensed producer for the state of South Carolina right now I'm wanting to get a license for three in three different states of North Carolina, Georgia, and still I have my SC, but I'm not sure how to start the process .. . I know I have to apply for the license first , but what about the continuing education credits that I have not done for every state that I am licensed and only those who reside ? ?
Are Independent agencies willing to take on part time producers with limited amounts of placements?2hippopotamus2019-01-02 18:40:10
I have a full time job but would like to gain experience and to a lesser extent, to obtain additional income by producing an independent agency with free time after work and on weekends . That's a common thing ? My thoughts are that if in the commission only that no matter how much or little I'm producing .
What life insurance company will hire you without a licensed3 감탄사 2012-08-07 20:07:02
What %age in the UK population do NOT have any financial products please?0cant say2012-07-25 13:20:02
As for mortgages , pensions , life insurance / insurance, or financial planning in general. I am looking for a series of answers please - if you can provide links to other websites that would be even more grateful .
Do I have to have insurance if the people I hire are considered independent contractors.?1Dennis2012-10-29 12:15:03
Do I have to have insurance if people they hire are considered independent contractors. ?
Do most financial advisory firms also sell insurance products?0MariaSavva2012-07-07 11:49:12
How does it work? Can private firms sell products from any company (Prudential Investments, Fidelity, etc...) or do the HAVE to partner with one company. Do all firms, or most, sell insurance products as well?
I need 2 Income Replacer insurance products, and the insurance companies selling these products.?0cool guy 2012-05-26 07:09:09
1 . I need an insurance product that will replace my salary / income when you reach age 55, and the premium charged if my current salary is R4000 per month and my age is 36. Please show me exactly all the calculations you have done to cover my income. This product should I cover in case of disability. 2 . My mother is running a daycare business . Every year , April and May months have problems in the State to deposit the grant money in the bank account of the nursery. Children and professionals do not suffer from this deposit the grant money . I need an insurance product that covers this. The company that covers this should tell me exactly what it will take to my mother and the midwife or the director of care before they can cover this risk of default of the grant by the Department of Social Development during the months specified .
How can i become an independent financial advisor?0Kanicka2012-08-05 16:49:48
i would like to become an independent financial advisor so i would like to know what licenses i can obtain on my own that can replace the series 6 and 7. i know i can take the 63 and 65 without being sponsored but what else is needed to start ( any other licenses?). i pretty much know how it works to use other companies like set up appointments to sell life insurance companies products and find myself a broker dealer is that correct.
Questions 2 b askd 2 find d awareness among customers regarding financial products like insurance investment?0gopher2012-05-14 19:56:30
I want to design a questionnaire that I have to know the perception of consumers regardin d products offered by financial dependence as a specific dollar insurance products , investment plans and accounts of mat.
How come I do not qualify as an independent to receive financial aid?0sowah2012-09-02 17:30:04
I have 21 years , global me 20 + hours a week in a resteraunt , I have to pay rent and do not live with my parents , and they did not tell me for tax purposes , or health insurance . I'm trying to get financial aid for college , but it says to qualify i should " Be at least 24 on or before December 31 of the award year , an orphan ( both parents deceased ) or ward of the court , be a veteran , be a graduate or professional student , being married, having legal dependents ; . receive a waiver of a financial aid administrator for the unusual circumstances MedlinePlus Would you be able to appeal and say that I have unusual circumstances ? MedlinePlus I do not understand or agree with your definition of independent at all ... I pay my own rent , the work of my own work , I pay my own insurance , go to school and pay for my books and classes , and I have 21 , do not get money from my parents to the school . How 'm not independent ?

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