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Is living in the country cheaper than living in the city?0Bertra2012-08-03 03:36:52
My fiance and I live in Lincoln, Nebraska and we're thinkig about moving about 15miles out of town and buying a small farm house on a few acres of land. We're trying to decide how much cheaper (or more expensive) it would be to live in the country, what costs should we take into consideration for this? Obviously we'll be using more gas to drive into town for work, shopping, hanging out, ect. But are homes in the country typically cheaper when it comes to: Bills, property taxes, insurance, ect? I know its hard to give a specific answer (unless you live in my town and are knowledgable in this area) so a generic answer is fine. Just trying to get a basic idea right now. Thank you!
Do I need a new California license or renewal after living out of the country for 10 years?3N-PLURAL 2012-04-26 19:42:21
I lived abroad for the past 10 years, working for the military. I went with a military license , and had an international license when traveling back to the states. I was a resident of California when I moved . 1) Am I still considered a resident of CA after not having a physical presence for 10 years in the state ? 2) I was supposed to have received a renewal letter from DMV years ago. I have not received this letter, and not renewed my CA license since I lived abroad and went on my international license to visit the states. 3) that has recently moved back to California . Do I need to get a CA license entirely new or is a renewal of my license 10 years is possible? 4) Are CA state tax liability to determine if you drive a CA license ? Please help , I need answers as soon as possible as my international license is about to expire. Thank you.
Do you think all people living in a country legally should have health insurance?2April2012-06-09 12:09:05
I just saw a woman on television who are looking for a husband, because she has no health insurance. I laugh every time I hear people say how great the U.S. and more than 50 million people uninsured , which is a shame, this is unbelievable. I think it's a great country when compared to Mexico or Guatemala, but when compared with Denmark , Canada, Sweden and other European countries ... U.S. lags far behind .... Denmark is the happiest country on the planet .... What about the 17.5 percent unemployment here ... and 10 years without salary increases ... that sounds like a great country for which ... with 15 million unemployed .... I don , t think so ..... and between 40 and 50 percent of the people here live paycheck paycheck ....... I imagine that only 35 percent live well ... Don , t know the numbers .. but year after year , the numbers go down ...... I guess .. some of you tell me to go to Denmark , jajajjajaj .... the truth hurts ....
What is a "living needs" benefit of a life ins policy & why is it limited to aid the dying and not living?0Kevin2012-09-10 16:38:02
According to my life insurance company , the " Living Needs " benefit only come into play if you have 6 or fewer months. How to help this person living with a terminal illness , especially when it is difficult to determine how long this person has to live ?
Cost of LIVING IN DUBAI,Specific answers please with exact or small range for middle level standard of living.?0Jonathan Baraka2012-08-02 11:12:52
MONTHLY EXPENSES in AED Electricity+Water Mobile .moderate usage. Internet Groceries for 3 adults (cooking in home) Maid School fees one child(High school Indian school) Car maintenece (petrol insurance and service) Cable tv News paper Any other monthly expenses you feel important(apartment would be provided to me so please don,t include that) ONE TIME EXPENSES Eating out Hair cut Movie Any other Eating out
I need to know why I should go on living.?1Aaro2012-08-16 22:31:02
I know this can certainly be put on a different thread , but I want genuine answers . Please read them carefully. I am not a person ordinarly sucidal at all, but I feel like I'm useless in my own life right now . About a year or so ago , I was working in a high-profile doctor , I hated my job and I was terminated after about three months. I knew the job was not for me , but I stayed too long. I was a recent college graduate and some naiive about the position and the doctor who was working under . I have a degree, I was still a double major in college ... but since losing my job I have only been able to land temporary positions and now I feel that my resume makes me look like a job hopper . Again, as I have been so embarrassed by my situation who have lost touch with their friends. I still live at home after about 4 years after graduating from college! Everything for me has been suspended , have not even had a romantic relationship because they never go out anymore . I have not got my insurance because I lost my job . I was afraid to post this in the wrong place , because normally I'm not a desperate person. I feel that we have to take charge of our own lives and make the parts. The tide turns at some point in time. Unfortunately, I 'm losing perspective and increasingly miserable. I feel like I was an embarrassment to my friends and family. I feel ugly, stupid, fat and worthless. Who wants to be friends with a 27-year college graduate who still lives at home? No one. Does anyone have any idea?
Is it ok to be 26 and still living at home?0mizmarie2012-09-24 19:32:02
and 26 and still living at home? I graduated from college , but can only find temporary work and getting me a week to week with car insurance , cell phone , credit card bills and student loan accounts . My sister and I do not get along . She always tries to make an example of me in front of his friends . She is 16 years old , pampered , and always tells me I should not be living here , move. Don stopped me borrow money from my parents when they need it and stuff. I worked hard to find a better job , and not coming. I am also a hard worker and a go- getter , but it is paying off . Do not say : " Dude, get out " because I can not now . In the current climate , Am I the only one in my age still live with their parents ? And I'm a piece of s * it ?
What can we do that we were Living like common law?0shasa2012-08-21 06:51:02
Both are couple living common law and have accumulated 22 years of feeling emotional, physical and mental and have current accounts , life insurance , labor insurance , car ownership etc , in each other 's name , ? what can we do now that we ' Ve decision to end our relationship ?
Are these living costs about right?0kg2012-09-10 14:03:03
I am currently trying to find out how much it will cost for me to live alone, I do not mind making sacrifices , I would live smart food prices , reduce out , etc . However, I do not want to be living in a shed 7p noodles and live in the dark to save electricity . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus These are the current monthly costs I calculated : MedlinePlus apartments -
What's the cost of living?0trouble2012-07-02 00:27:05
in Canada a month? Health insurance? Apartment rental? etc
How do I go about registering my car in NJ while living in VA?3chicken2012-05-04 08:43:39
I'm active duty military and am stationed in VA . My house is home to New Jersey. I would like to register my car in New Jersey instead of Virginia. I just wanted to know if someone has done something similar like this and if so , how do you go about doing it ?
Living in TN w/FL License?0Keely2012-01-13 23:09:00
I just moved to TN and my label is about to expire , is it possible to register the car in TN w / a FL license ? Also is there going to be a problem because my car is at my mother's name and she is in FL. I have insurance TN appears to me as a policy driver w / my fiance and when I joined the company knew . my license plates and were of FL.

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