If your ex girlfriend ruins your car because shes pissed, is it covered by auto insurance? related questions

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If your ex girlfriend ruins your car because shes pissed, is it covered by auto insurance?0kenyetta2012-08-02 22:59:03
Lets say for whatever reason she takes her anger out on your car and ruins it. Slashes tires, ruins seats, destroys windsheild etc etc. Will your insurance cover it?
Can your girlfriend be covered under your policy if she has no car insurance1Gavi2011-12-12 04:03:39
Is it possible for a man to have his expectant girlfriend covered on his medical insurance1Belle2012-05-12 17:44:29
Is it possible for a man to have his pregnant girlfriend covered by insurance
If my girlfriend has full coverage insurance and she wants to drive my car will she be covered if in a wreck?0Lee2012-06-30 11:01:03
My girlfriend wants to drive my car from time to time, I say no , because she is , no, not in my safe, and it is covered if something happens . I have responsibility, you have full coverage on your vehicle. She seems to think that will be covered , I wondered if this was true or not.
Can I be covered under my girlfriend's insurance plan if we have lived together for a year and a half?3Dorothy2012-07-25 01:36:03
My girlfriend works for AT & T and enrolled in your insurance plan . I just graduated from college, and have not started the job with my work yet. Insurance coverage I had with my parents going to expire later this month.
With a standard auto insurance policy, is the auto covered or driver ? if i loan my car out, is it covered ?7Barnet2012-06-02 14:22:03
With a car insurance policy standard is the cover car or the driver? If I lend my car covered?
Am i right to be pissed off?2MarEsha2012-08-07 10:34:02
So i have been married for 1 year and a half,we have an 11 month old son,I was recently diagnosed with a brain condition where i have to much cerebrospinal fluid accumulating because of a narrowed aqueduct thus makes my brain think i have a tumor.I was in the hospital for 4 days and went through numerous tests and 5 lumbar punctures the first 4 were botched by an intern so they had to repeat the next day with the senior doctor,anyway my options are staying on a drug that could ultimately cause kidney failure,brain surgery to place a shunt or what the doctors call a long shot lose weight to a weight that i was before all the headaches started which was when i was 16 and i was 90-100 lbs,I am 24 now and 5'5 and 168 lbs they put me on a partial liquid diet that was 2 weeks ago and i have since lost 20lbs,they dont want me to exercise because it is too taxing on my head and makes me either pass out or have a really bad headache so they told me brisk walks or a swim is activity enough for now,my problem is my husband he is a marine and he thinks the only way to lose weight is exercise exercise exercise,after i came home from the hospital he kept trying to get me to exercising with him like pull ups push ups and other stuff i had been told to take it easy to the first week because my back was badly bruised from the lumbar punctures when i told him i could not to give me a bit of time for my body to set up straight he got mad and refused to help me with the baby who is 28lbs that is 18lbs more than i was being allowed to lift but i sucked it up and got better,i went to get a glass of milk and he stopped me and asked how much weight i had lost and i told him 18(that is how much i had lost by then a couple of days ago )he said i had not lost enough and got all pissy at me saying its because am not exercising with him.. i could not even bring myself to take the milk and for the next 2 days ate nothing at all. A friend of mine who moved to Nebraska came to visit her family after 2 years so we arranged a couples dinner today,i told him about it Monday and he said he is not working we should go then yesterday a buddy of his calls and tells him he has a date tonight so my dear husband volunteered to take over duty,this thing they do overnight,then he lies to me that his major called him and forced him,but i heard the conversation from the bathroom,!!!! So i went to the dinner tonight and ended up sitting there looking like a 3rd wheel while everyone asked where is your husband there were 10 couples there then me,one of my friends had to pick me up because my husbands nephew totaled me car after he lent it to him 3 weeks ago oh and by the way he is not paying for it,he was coming from prom was drunk and speeding so insurance is not paying either.I am so stressed out last night i felt like i could explode and i cut myself on the wrist 7 times,i felt better i calmed down..i have never cut myself ever even when i was a teen i had never even thought of it,and i am tempted to do it again tonight.He keeps talking about this girl they have in their squad who does everything they do pull ups push ups running and he is quite impressed by her prowess am concerned he might be cheating on me either emotionally or physically i dont know all i know is he is being extra mean to me then nice again then mean.I dont know what to do i dont work because our son was born with a heart issue we decided to wait a year before i tried to go back to work.I am considering taking the job offer i got from a biopharm company in England take my son and leave him,he is driving me up the wall when am angry i usually remain quiet something my dad taught me to do to avoid saying things i would regret later he tells me we need to talk but usually i talk he shouts and screams,oh and by the way the car that got totaled was a gift from my dad who passed away 2 years ago from AML.
Pissed off?0Mavis2012-06-18 22:16:09
I had just left the drive through and was proceeding through the main unit to exit the highway
Can you put your girlfriend on your auto insurance0, 2012-03-27 17:38:50
Can you put your girlfriend on your auto insurance
I live with my girlfriend, should we get auto insurance together?0Thumper2012-06-30 06:33:02
We have been living together for 3 years. Can I get a car insurance together, so we are each covered on both cars ? Thank you !
Is it wrong to not be happy for her and a little pissed off?1Bread2012-08-18 05:19:33
I feel like a bad person, but for my entire pregnancy nearly my friend wasn't friends with me she said because I am able to have kids and she has horrible endometriosis and wasn't supposed to have kids. She even said at one point we couldn't be friends anymore because I had a baby and she couldn't stand it. A few weeks ago out of the blue she sends me a text and tells me that she is pregnant and they are so excited. This is to be expected, but they live in an apartment, she is a waitress and they have no money, they cant even afford cable tv and they arent even married. My husband says I should be happy for her but I am not. I feel like an evil person because I want her to lose it, that child will have no quality of life. Please help me, do I have issues or am I justified in feeling this way? They also have no insurance.
Driver instuctor pissed off at me?1Parco2012-05-03 12:58:51
So last week I had a driver instructor . I was pissed because I said I do not understand what he meant after he said three times in the lathe directions.He far left and the right says that you do not understand therfore I can not do anything about it. I hated his height and I was as stupid as I am a slow learner , and for the first time to drive a car.In additon , cried a lot and I feel bad for myself.He said I am the worst student ever rider . students had many drivers over the years and none of them was someone like me.Why so negative? Why I can not say something positive, like do not worry , you will be an excellent driver in the future or that you already have a student pemit , so that driving should not be too difficult if you practice. Now, he made me feel nervous when driving next lession wine. Is this my problem or the problem? I am paying the money to teach me to manage and treated me like I was the boss here? Why not act more easy?

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