Does Obama care make buying insurance mandatory or is it health care provided by the government? related questions

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Does Obama care make buying insurance mandatory or is it health care provided by the government?1kokodiva2012-11-03 13:05:04
I live in Canada and I heard Obama's attention on the Internet. Therefore, health care is universal and most other first world countries where you have treated health care as a public service or is it just something that forces you to buy private insurance ? Another thing , maybe?
??? Why did Obama change from free clinic style health care to the Bush/Hillary mandatory Health Insurance Law?1DeAr_2012-10-09 15:05:03
Making it mandatory law, as auto insurance will only make insurance companies and lawyers richer.
Why do Government employees get to keep their cadilac health care insurance under the Obama plan?0mhy2012-09-14 06:45:04
My employer pays about 5-6000 dollars a year for my health insurance. I was told by the owner of the company he would rater pay the 750 dollar a year fine. Cost savings to the employer 5000 dollars per employee. Why wouldn't the government also but their employees into the government plan and save tax payers money.
Why did Obama and the Government infringe upon Health Insurance company's RIGHT to deny peasants health care?1Lyra2012-06-30 07:14:02
Health Insurance companies should deny as many people health care as possible, so that the Job Creators can keep more of their money. Anyone who thinks everyone deserves health coverage is waging class warfare against the Job Creators. Apparently Hussein Obama and the Government thinks it's their right to infringe upon the rights of Health Insurance companies to profit in the Free Market by any means necessary. Why does Obama hate the Job Creators so much?
Do you think a government loan program to pay health care costs would make more sense than insurance?1Boy2012-11-03 19:40:03
I was thinking about the health problems we face and the moral dangers behind both private insurance and socialized medicine solutions. I do not think the idea of ​​insurance is compatible with a free market system because it is basically a contract in which only one party gives consideration while the other party makes a guarantee that you can not be guaranteed. Of course, there is also the government's problems go beyond its constitutional authority by mandating that people buy in the health insurance system, and if not provided health insurance, then people who are uninsured are treated with taxpayers' money without paying into the system. Socialized medicine is not necessarily better, as it also includes a mandate, which in this case is to pay in a totally different system. So what happened was a way to more directly address the issue, which is for the government to provide loans to people who need health care using soft criteria using a private bank - the reason is that borrowers in this situation would benefit more substantially from this type of loan if it occurs in ordinary cases, improving their financial situation and making it easier to get on with their obligations. Since people who receive benefits are those paid by them in the long run, no one is paying for the habits of another person is wrong, there is still a safety net for those who normally can not afford to pay a sum lump sum, people have immediate access to the best health care to reduce the total cost of health care (instead of people going cheap, aggravating the situation in the long run) and private industry still be able to provide services to health care (medicine, treatment, etc).
So Obama wants to make young people who generally need much less health care buy insurance so their?0haseeb2012-07-16 17:34:01
Premiums are used to pay the major diseases of the people? Is not that going to reduce your disposable income ? Is not it a drag on some portions of the economy?
Do republicans think that Insurance company run health-care is better than government run care?1a hall2012-08-28 19:45:03
Do they know what the insurance companies are in it for?
If I send my health insurance premium money to Obama to help Hillary, will they make sure I get health care?2myst2012-10-11 20:55:02
Or should I keep paying my health insurance?
Conservatives: why don't you buy your own health care insurance and stop complaining about Obama care?1Sarai2012-09-09 15:15:03
I make 30000 per year and cant afford health insurance, am I screwed under obama care?2iya2012-10-14 23:01:02
I am a single person and make roughly 29-31000 per year (depending on overtimr). My job offers health insurance but I am already living paycheck to paycheck in a high cost of living state (NJ). Am I basically screwed by the yealth care mandate to pay their penalty?
What impact will the new government health care insurance have on jobs in the health care field?3kisser082012-10-07 18:27:02
I am planning on going into nursing, but I'm afraid that this will greatly reduce job opportunities and cut the pay of health care workers.
Who are the reps. fooling they say ss. medcare and obama care are too expensive what about private health care?0tomi2012-07-17 15:45:01
finally the private cost of coverage and health care is so expensive that only the rich can afford them. the public are a bunch of fools and I can not see this. we are paying more for insurance , copays and deductibles and other expenses. soon not be able to pay for them. Universal health care will soon be here believe it or not . our current system is unsustainable and will collapse . and if the replicates. destroy ss . that will destroy the nation.

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