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Does a bank loan count as disability income?1Sui2012-09-23 07:36:03
I need to pay state property taxes and am on disability/food stamps/energy assistance. Will taking out a loan against my life insurance or a bank loan affect my social security disability benefits or food stamp amount? Does a loan count as income, it's being repaid monthly? any links to official documents would be great...I can only locate online info on (Supplemental) SSI, not disability
No income save disability, and the bank is threatening foreclosure, what do we do?0Grace2012-05-13 19:53:23
Me, my boyfriend and his mother , all living in the house of his father took a second mortgage to get more toys for himself. His parents are now divorced after her mother suffered a stroke and can not use the left side of his body. His father has everything but the house and now lives in North Carolina who lives on disability from a back injury he received from work. His name is still on the mortgage, but does nothing to help . His mother lives out of the disability of their stroke. that just gets 600 a month, which will not cover the mortgage payments . She tried to get the bank to lower the payments to 200 a month , but because his father's name is on the mortgage, refused to let her do it. My boyfriend is about to be put on disability due to back injury and neck and left arm is not working as it should. He retired military pay , only about 700 a month , soon to be the ***** of an ex wife who will not let her see her son . I am the only one with a job at the moment , but I'm lucky if I get 300 on a paycheck every two weeks. The mortgage is about a year ago, and the bank says it will foreclose on the house in June. None of us really know what to do , and homelessness looks certain right now. Any advice at this stage could save our lives. Serius answers only.
How do low-income(DISABILITY) APARTMENTS work?? if the rent is based on my income from my disability checks.?0Beijing2012-09-28 09:38:02
I'm not sure how it works . I am disabled and I want to know this so that I can have my own place . My disability check is the only income I have. I need to make sure it is enough to . and to save money and to put money into my car for gas. safe. and occasional repairs to the car. I fear that all the money will be used for rent and if so I have no money to live . I can not work .
Car had no collision coverage cause bank didn't verify (required for loan) had accident bank wants payment.?2tuatara2012-06-22 06:38:12
In upstate New York are required to have collision of a vehicle with a loan. The dealer where you purchased our vehicle to give information to the edge of our insurance. Bank did not crash into our car and we did not realize he had an accident and totaled the car. The insurance cover and the bank wants the money for the car useless .... Do I have any legal options ?
Do you have to count your spouse in income requirements for medicaid?2Kelly T 2012-08-27 01:15:03
Can you count the baby and yourself or because they are married and living with an income in the residence you have to have your spouse as well?
Will my husband's mortgage count for my debt-to-income ratio?1Cass2012-09-27 21:09:37
My husband and I want to buy a (specific) property, but we cannot count his self-employment income when qualifying for a mortgage because he has been self-employed for less than two years. I will apply for the mortgage in only my name. We did this with our current condo when I was finishing up grad school and our condo is titled in both of our names, but he is the only one on the mortgage. I have solid income, excellent credit, and we both have low debt, so actual affordability is not an issue. Will the his mortgage count on my debt to income ratio or will they just count debt only in my name or held jointly? The mortgage is not in my name (I signed nothing) or on my credit report. We do not want to risk losing this property by waiting another 9 months or more for his income to qualify. Also, a side question, since I own the condo, even without the mortgage, I should expect to include condo association fees and our insurance in our debt-to-income ratio, right? Thanks!
Does rental income count in food stamp qualification?2Heidi2012-08-25 05:54:19
What about the mortgage, taxes, insurance and utilities paid for the rental property , can they count as expenses in determining eligibility?
How to buy a house on limited Soc. Sec. Disability income?0bennie2012-09-17 11:29:03
My total income is less than $ 1,000 a month. My medical expenses are mostly covered by Medicare , so they are almost zero . I owe no debt right now. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I would like to know how to buy a decent (mobile ? ) House in a decent area . I have bad credit , but have been working on it . 'm Spening nearly 850 a month in rent and utilities anyway! I keep hearing how it is better to own a home , so why not find a small home instead ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Total payments for capital , intereste , taxes and insurance can not exceed $ 900 a month . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If this is possible , please tell me exactly how. Thank you !
I can no longer work, how do I budget my disability income?0Darrin2012-08-16 09:18:32
I hate to give up my home phone and "cut the cord " My dad gave me an older car . But gas , insurance and maintenance of good ads up. I hate to lose even more. The time and money flying I have to push the doctors seem to do more, but maybe they are afraid to say so. I write all down b ut budget only seems impossible to get dizzy trying to use coupons. I need to find some ways to save money with the sensitivity in landfills.
Disability insurance percentage of income covered?2Cambodia2012-06-20 10:56:55
my long term income disability insurance policy is set at 60 % of my salary to cover up to age 65 who also have a short-term policy that covers me up to 180 days is up and kicking long-term in, Does this sound sufficient or should I have a life insurance policy with a monthly disability rider pays an income, so my insurance agent is trying to sell to support my long-term policy ..
Can I get my retirement income in addition to Social Security Disability?0Twistin' my 25% larger shirt around my h 2012-06-15 11:47:30
I have 61 and am applying for Social Security Disability , but I am also eligible for monthly retirement payments . ¿ I can get both?
Can I sue a bank for denying me a loan?3Sabina2012-06-21 13:16:53
I met all fo guiedlines an FHA loan . However, the underwritter rejected loan in the last hour . I talked to a different mortgage company and they can me funded from the same guiedlines FHA

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