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Will I receive the ambulance bill from my insurance company or from the ambulance company?1Enoc2012-08-29 14:58:13
I was charged $428 for an emergency ambulance ride to a local hospital, haven't received the bill yet but I called the ambulance/EMS offices in order to give them my insurance information. They said they will submit the bill/invoice to my insurance company. I'm at school and gave them my school address so they could send the bill, but since its being sent to my insurance company, will the final bill be sent to my school address still or my home address since its being looked over by the insurance company (which probably has my home address on file)? I just don't want the bill to be mailed home for my parents to see. Im taking care of it myself, so Im just wondering if the bill is returned back to the ambulance offices after the insurance company looks it over/determines how much they will cover and if I will receive it to the correct address
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Sunstar Ambulance bills not covered by any Insurance Company?1hummingbird2012-06-20 20:03:46
The other day , which was collected by a Sunstar ambulance was called by a police officer who thought I was having a panic attack . They took me 2 blocks and became a guinea pig at the local hospital , where they found absolutely nothing wrong with me. A month later , I received a bill from them for $ 470. I sent the bill to my insurance company and sent it back to me saying that he would pay . So now I have to stay with him , but I wondered if there were technical issues that I may not pay. For example, the fact that they called the ambulance. And the fact that protested verbally to be taken anywhere. I also wonder if going to take me to small claims court and what the penalty would be for my no-show and in the event , does not pay . I am a college student. So it should shed some light on my monetary situation .
I got hit by a car walking, ambulance company is making me do car insurance claim?1Millky 2012-08-06 00:15:02
First, I am a member of the ambulance company and pay a fee each year for all my trips are free. They said they still have to file a claim with my insurance company car although it stood. Why is this? I have no health insurance that pays a lot . Do I have to pay my deductible car too? Thank you.
How do I know whether or not my insurance paid for my ambulance bill?0Barre2012-03-12 00:12:34
I just received a letter from the Fire Department / EMS talking about my payment, but I thought that my insurance only covered ? I have Medicaid
Excessive ambulance bill?1Alder2012-06-04 13:06:08
I was charged $ 2,000 for an ambulance ride 4 miles and my insurance paid $ 500. Now the company wants to pay EMS the balance. I think the accusations are ridiculous and I wonder if I would write the balance, since it already has some money from my insurance company.
I can't pay hospital, ambulance bill?3Griffit2012-10-23 01:39:02
I was involved in a traffic accident and I have no insurance .. but I 'm doing all these medical expenses was treated at hospital and released .. What I can do? I live in illlinois , DuPage County ... i was unemployed for 4 months and I just got a job a month ago the minimum wage certainly do not have the funds to pay almost $ 6000 in hospital bills .. What I can do>
How can i deal with this Ambulance Bill?2Llama gone Bonkers 2012-07-19 05:53:03
This bill seems fraudulent to me. anyway this is the story . I have some bad health problems that have been taken to hospital about 9 times so far. none of the previous times that I have ever made ​​was a bill . the last time he broke up with me in it. I left on the floor about 4 feet high. had beaten the ribs for 2 weeks. This time I get a bill . I feel I'm only getting this bill because his computer broke. I have been unemployed due to my health for over 4 years. it is not likley to change any time soon . are now threatening to charge the tax returns which I doubt my wife is still legal to do so anyway. I want to delete just this bill . I am sure that only billing me because his team broke this time. that's the way I think this really the way this is being handled by them. What I can do to fix this other bill after paying ? being unemployed for over 4 years I have not a dollar to my name. and because of that and my health I will take 50 years to get my credit back to the right. its crazy how much the government that starts when you're down . anyway, any suggestions?
Insurance company will not pay ambulance service from auto accident site due to out of network.?0Daniel B2012-07-21 02:27:02
Me, my husband and daughter transfer from the crash site and could not stop to check if they were in my network or not. Now that my entire family deductible has been met because of other medical expenses 40,000.00 for the 3 of us have been regarded as ambulance rides outside the network and charged the entire balance to my deductible out of network to which I have not met any .
A dog bit me and I got the ambulance bill... how to make the dog's owner pay?0aalyssa2012-10-14 03:45:02
I got bit by one dog last month while I was walking down the street (as I do every morning, for my morning exercise). The dog belongs to a couple who live down the road and it was lose on the property and gate was open and the dog ran to the street, jumped me and bit me on the left hand. I called the ambulance and they treated my injuries on the spot (wasn't too bad but I got puncture wounds and of course blood). The woman (owner of the dog) had a "care less attitude", didn't even see if I was ok. She was home at the time and heard all the commotion (I screamed in panic). Nobody came out to do anything. Then police and animal control showed up later and recorded everything, and they issued her a fine ($350). Now a month later I get the bill for the ambulance. I don't have insurance and I cannot afford to pay it. I am a college student and my husband and I work and we have little means, so we cannot afford. Plus I think this woman should pay, it's her dog that bit me. How can I make her pay? If not, I will try going to small claims court but I'd rather settle it out of court. Thanks.
Where do I send my mother's ambulance bill?0Pamela2012-05-18 06:25:57
Apparently my mother billion ambulance was denied by your insurance. She is on Medicare, has a health insurance supplement . She is in a nursing home and Medicaid pays for it. It must give all proceeds to pay for the nursing home . Does Medicaid pay the ambulance bill ? Should I send the bill to the workforce? Do I have to send back to the supplier and tell her I send to Medicaid?
My ambulance bill is $1800 for a five mile ride what can I do to fight this?1 ωǒ Bu good ⿺ -2012-06-20 22:06:52
I am located in Northern California. It took an ambulance ride to the hospital because my heart was racing and I had no idea what was going on. My mom called the ambulance and when they got there, the EMT was found that an anxiety attack . My father told me to take me to the doctor, but stressed the EMT to take me . Not realizing what was happening I decided to go with me because my body was shaking as he was able to control my breathing. I went to Kaiser and all I got was an aspirin and ex - rays. My bill courier over $ 1800 and Kaiser is only five miles away from my home in California! The ambulance is literally only a mile away as well . I had no insurance at the time as well and I'm unemployed what I can do? This is ridiculous !

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