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White stuff on one of my tonsils?0Kieran McCamment2012-08-01 19:10:02
One of my tonsils is white and when ever literally anything touches it, it hurts, including saliva. I've had it since Monday and I just want it to go away without a doctor. I don't have health insurance. What is this? Are there any home remedies for it?
Cost to have tonsils removed?0Yessie2012-09-23 09:15:01
My sister is 19 and has had problems with tonsils for years and is now seeking to have them removed. We have private health insurance , but does anyone know about how much the removal of tonsils in New South Wales / Australia ?
I need to get my tonsils removed but I have not health insurance?0piamonte2012-08-12 20:26:02
My tonsils are killing me. It pains me to do almost everything. I get it removed but there is only one problem. I have no health insurance and not my parents. Can anyone offer some advice on how to go about getting them removed . I looked up the average price of surgery and runs about $ 3000. I have not got that little bit of money just by. Please help !
What should I do if my tonsils have been swollen for 9 months and I dont have health insurance?1Sadey2012-10-02 18:09:02
I went to see a doctor and costs $ 300 and gave me two prescriptions. Nothing worked and I can not afford to return. Toso an inconsistent and my throat always feels clogged. It is also a little hard to breathe. I quit smoking two weeks ago hoping it would help , but did not. Is this something serious? Should I be concerned ?
Whats wrong with my tonsils? Major prob or minor?0jacob thorn2012-09-04 08:38:02
I get it where it hurts to swollow much evil , speak and yawn and sneeze . No fever , no runny nose . Swollon Just.severly tinsils and.neck will ears.it started hurting when I was just a few days ago , but is still mainly a really swolln neck . I dont want to go to doc cuz every time I do this for me or respond NVR NVR can tell me what is jt . I tonsilitus but they performed much if im having probs ? They look terrible . What I can do doc n ask me to do? No Insurance
Will a doctor remove tonsils due to many tosilolith (tonsil stones)?15zaire2022-06-27 02:05:16
I have not had tonsillitis, that everything I read says that these little bugs are caused by that. However, I have horrible allergies that cause the tonsils to loosen frequently. The last two weeks I have had tonsils distend with some pain in the area. I can live with the pain , as there has been something to go my whole life. However, tonsil stones started about 3 years ago, and I'm sick . My breath is awful when I wake up. Gargle is not working. And now my tonsils are actually bleeding. I I mentioned to my old doctor , but switched to a nurse after I realized my doctor was an incompetent fool must have cheated his way through medical school . Is there a chance that if I went she would like to recommend someone I would like to remove ? I have read the only way to get rid of them is by removing the tonsils and I 'm all for it . I need to know before making an appointment, because my husband started a new job and we will not have health insurance in the coming months .
I need help with pet stuff?1Misha2012-07-28 11:11:04
so my friend is selling Yorkie shitzu's mix and shes selling it for 250 dollars and i want one so bad and i have many questions and my mom is saying she doesnt want a dog because she isnt financially ready but i need help the puppy is 8 weeks old today and she isnt potty trained but idc starting the 9th of july i will be leaving at least 2 hours a day to go to school and then return home i know it takes 6 weeks to potty train a dog and i really want one like super bad okay so heres my questions do puppys need special dog food? how much does it cost to register your dog? is registering your dog and getting a license the same thing? and is a getting a license for the dog a yearly fee that has to be paid? how much will it cost to get the dogs shots? how long will it be before the dog can go outside after its gotten its shots? where can i get the dog registered and licensed and have its shots at a good reasonable price? how much does vet visits cost? how much is health insurance for the dog? please help me i really want my little puppy im a teenager btw and i live in nyc if that helps please help me
Can you get the stuff out your car when its being taken away?1Chloe2012-04-01 09:44:22
What are the things in his car after taking the car away? I have my car taken away and left my cell phone in that country. they just throw my stuff left in my car ?
Need help with DMV stuff?!?0Yvette2012-01-28 22:59:26
I recently moved to another state , and I lost my car title. Now I want to sign to a friend so they requested a duplicate title. I sent the payment order and everything. Then I get a tax collector message saying that my application has been processed and is on track . I received something from them yesterday, but it was just a new application for duplicate title ... What am I supposed to do. Do I have to pay again? They did not leave instructions ... only one application in an envelope
Why does someone always steal my stuff?1ct2012-08-18 09:40:03
My vehicle got broken into at the park attending my friends' wives baby shower. They stole my g/f's purse, cash, my blackberry and my mp3 player. They even took her Altoids breath mints. 6 months ago someone stole my Hummer right in front of my condo (in a nice area near the beach across the street from the fire station and around the corner from the police dept). The only reason I left the truck home is because I wanted to be responsible that evening as I planned on drinking so I took a cab. Truck was gone when I got back. Last year I had two motorcycles stolen. One was chained/lock to a concrete pole in my friends carport. They stole it while I went to the gym in the morning. It was recovered stripped to the frame. Insurance replaced the bike. The 2nd one got stolen (a month later) while going into a grocery store to get a gallon of milk. My other truck got burglarized 2 years ago and they stole my entire CD collection (400 Cd's). What gives?!
Who should pay to fix my stuff? Me or the landlord?0carlos2012-09-03 16:31:02
I got home and the radiator in my room was broken . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus (The valve on the corroded to the point where it broke ) and was pumping steam in my room all day . MedlinePlus Everything I own was wet , including my laptop, TV , gaming systems , cable box , mattress , mattress , clothes , sheets , etc , etc. Anything that was not in my wardrobe has been soaked , and I had to carry almost all the clothes to the laundry , and my laptop screen stops working MedlinePlus MedlinePlus He is saying he can not pay me anything or help me because it's not your property so your insurance will not cover . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ...?
Moving and getting rid of stuff?2Mars2012-07-15 19:42:03
Planning is moving and things do not feel like paying a mover of things that can easily replace. What is the best way to dispose of things such as beds , sofas and the like ?

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