Renters insurance in MI, for students with property value $10,000? related questions

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Renters insurance in MI, for students with property value $10,000?1Lu2012-11-05 08:38:01
College student needs renters insurance. Personal property value $10,000. What insurance company offers this?
Is it legal to charge a higher rent for students vs. non students for the same rental property in Canada?0Teara2012-08-26 12:45:03
My 1st rental property, having prospective tenants view the property now. Because the insurance rate for the house is 3 times higher if I rent to students (they are classified as high risk) I want to charge more to students in order to cover the additional cost to me. I would charge $100 less/month to any tenant who is not a student. Legal or not? Thanks
Does homeowners insurance cover renters property if property is damaged by the house?2Ricarda2012-06-23 04:43:51
storm caused increased power and because the house is not basa increased destroyed property tenants
Stats Question - an Insurance wants to offer $1000 student personal property plan for dorm students to cover..?0conni2012-08-01 18:57:53
Stats Question - an Insurance wants to offer $1000 student personal property plan for dorm students to cover theft of certain items. Pas experience suggests that the probability of a total loss claim is .01 - What premium should be charged if the company wants to make a profit of $25 per policy (assume total loss with no deductible? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Renters insurance proof of property?0Ashanda2012-10-03 03:29:04
If your property is in a fire or theft , how you can show that it had these things . Do I have video of my property ?
Renters Insurance / Personal Property?3Carl2012-09-18 00:44:02
I am a college student and spend 9 months a year in an apartment off campus. I was wondering if anyone knows of a cheap insurance personal property that would be good to study to cover my personal things. I looked around for renters insurance , but the few online dating seems to include all building coverage . It seems that the apartment complex would have covered it, since it is not mine. It's essentially rent as university apartments - there are three students, all in the same apartment. We all have our own room (with locks ) and the bathroom , but share the common living space . Prefurnished arrived , so the bed / dresser / desk / appliances owned by the resort as well, and are required to keep as indicated in the lease . All I'm really concerned about is the things I brought with me. I have a lot of electronic equipment and the value can increase rapidly. I would like some form of insurance against theft and the likes , but need not cover everything.
Does renters insurance cover the owner of the property?0Bernice2012-06-18 12:19:19
My husband and I want to have a motor home and go to Florida. Until we can sell, we will just spend the winters in Florida and summers in Maine then . I rent my house out but I worry that someone will start a fire with the wood stove . Is there a way to get renters insurance covers me ? If someone were to cause a fire or something, could you get to pay me?
Why doesn't renters insurance cover a owned property?0QueenP2012-10-26 13:05:05
I own my apartment and have been insured by State Farm for years . Two years ago I took out a policy of my personal property inside the house and I sold renters insurance . I discovered today that does not cover my property because I own the apartments . So why did I sell renters insurance in place. I'm a little angry about it . I have been paying for insurance that is not good .
Does renters insurance cover personal injury on their property?0Soraya HELP!!!2012-10-04 05:21:12
Does renters insurance covers personal injury on your property ?
Will renters insurance cover theft of property that wasn't my own?1Lanc2012-05-24 11:42:23
I picked up some screen monitors for a client who was doing a job and put them in my storage unit . three days later I went to retrieve the monitors and they were stolen. My question is that I have a store front and work from home. I have renters insurance that is supposed to cover the storage units . I'm not sure that it also covers the property is not mine, but left to my care.
Does your renters insurance cover your friends bicycle that was damaged on your property0Martha2012-03-15 00:59:22
Does your renters insurance covers your bike friends who was injured on your property
What type of insurance do I need for a rental property in Florida? Renters or homeowners?1 I'myy æ—³ female Jiu2012-06-25 21:18:14
What kind of insurance do I need for a rental property in Florida? Renters or homeowners?

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