Is there an insurance mobile homeowners can purchase for medical transportation in an emergency? related questions

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Is there an insurance mobile homeowners can purchase for medical transportation in an emergency?0Angie2012-08-01 02:53:55
Medical transportation only! If I have an accident in the middle of a large camping park, how will I pay for air or ambulance service to my home town or hospital? I have heard of Medex Plus and family Motorcoach Association. Any suggestions?
How can I find out if i qualify for government medical insurance after Ive had medical emergency treatment0HotShot 2012-02-05 17:58:06
What I can tell if I have the right to government health insurance after I had emergency medical treatment
I don't have medical insurance, I was wondering how much 911 call cost in medical emergency?1Minne2012-10-13 19:03:02
medical xpress transportation0officewebmaster3532022-08-13 02:45:04
medical  xpress transportation We provide fully sanitized non emergency transportation vehicles for a variety of patients. We are the only company which sanitizes the vehicles managed by a professional trained certified staff of certified sanitizers, with the leading sanitization company in the state of California sanitizing all vehicles. Our vehicles are 100% covid free and safe. We provide gurney and wheelchair transportation. We welcome hospitals, medical offices, doctors offices, dialysis centers, schools, offices, and more. Please call us today for a free quote. 
How do i get the license for medical transportation?0Thara!2012-06-19 21:23:33
I really need to know
Does Medicaid pay 4 transportation 2 medical appointments?1angle_fire 2012-06-07 18:03:35
Does Medicaid pay transportation April 2 appointments?
How do you set up a medical transportation service to be paid by health insurance company?0john brown2012-07-18 04:45:02
I would like to transport patients to and fro " appointments and get paid thru the insurance companies .
Should you purchase insurance for a mobile detailing business0Tiffany2012-03-22 03:19:57
If buying insurance for a mobile business details
Will homeowners insurance pay for rewiring a mobile home?4Brads 2012-09-01 09:04:02
Electrical wiring is a fire hazard
Homeowners Insurance for a Doublewide Mobile Home?0gi2012-08-12 18:53:02
I'm in the process of buying a mobile home double wide on 3.5 acres in Tallahassee , Florida area and can not find any insurance company that cover mobile homes. Does anyone know of any? Thanks in advance . PS I called almost every insurance agent in the Yellow Pages.
Mobile home homeowners insurance question?0Kaha Mark2012-09-09 02:15:02
I've had the policy in place for almost two years I bought online from American Modern , or American House ( the paperwork has two names on it ) and I have recently made an acquaintance with a local insurance agent that I would write a policy with Foremost Insurance . She seems to think that since he bought the policy online if I had a complaint it would be denied , and because I know I'm doing business with i could get or be scammed. I told him that sent me pictures of my house and the property of the company before approval and the policy in force . Therefore, an insurance company is better than another? Or , simply , this person just want my money ? Thanks in advance .
Is there anyone in Mobile, Al or on the gulf, who has had their Homeowners Insurance triple?0mali2012-08-30 12:43:03
I just got my renewal and my insurance went from $ 1200/year HO to 2900 ! How is this possible, I called my agent and said that because everyone safe Katrina in the Gulf increased . I called around to see if someone can assure me . But no luck , no one wants to make sure , I've never made ​​a claim ! My house is insured for more than what you paid for it . They said they could save $ 350 if I had the extra security . When I called the security company to charge more than $ 350. It's crazy what you can do I can not afford these new premiums . Help or own a house is nothing you can do. I guess I'll have to try to sell my house .

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