Is rent for an apartment higher when you are married?

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Well, my story is I am 18 and I am pregnant. I am due Oct 20 and I currently live with my grandparents (they raised me), an my bf lives with his parents (hes 20). We are both going to school, him to be an automotive tech and myself, a medical assistant. We don't live in the town that we are going to school at because our town is very small so we drive back and fourth everyday. We are planning on getting our own place but for now we are saving up because the only income we have at the moment is through him. He will finish school in August and I will not finish until Feb '13, which is when ill be able to start work for that. I have been thinking of where we could live because I dont want to live with family after the baby is here. And where we live there are a lot of income based homes and I was wondering if apartments charge more if you are a couple, or more if you are single? We want to get married but want to be financially stable first and cheaper rent is just better for now. We both have our own cars so thats even more that we'll have to give up monthly. So, is rent cheaper single, or married? Or does it not matter? And also, I am currently on my cars insurance policy, only my grandpa is because Im still young and it will be so expensive, is it true that some insurance companies will insure you for less when you are young and married (becase they will consider you as being more mature) other than just young and single? I read that somewhere online and to me that sounds good being that I am young. So any answers from the older and wiser people? Thank u

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