What would you do in a*s kissing work environment?

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I am working at a company that manages the property for this multimillionaire guy.

They pay me well and offer insurance and the package is great. The problem I have is not only the guy we work for but the people that work for him.

He likes to have his butt kissed because he signs our paychecks, he is rude and so is his family. He makes his right hand cry he yells at her so much and nothing is ever good enough. He fired a lady on his household once because she stacked the plates when she was clearing up the table. He is super formal and wanted to make people work on thanksgiving just because he isnt American so is not a holiday he celebrates.

He acts like we are charity cases and should be thankful that he pays us, we work 12-14 hrs everyday! We are all EARNING our money, but everybody treats him as if he is doind everybody a favor by hiring us. He gets the best of us so why should I feel like the man is giving me a handout?

Worse than that is the fact that everybody expects me to add "Butt Kissing" to my job description. I am extremely respectful, friendly, never lose my head, if people yell I dont yell back and bring my skills to the table. Kissing his a*s is not something I consider part of my job but they all warned me that I had to "pamper" him. WTF?

I am incapable of butt kissing, I simply cant. I can be respectful but not deferential, money doesnt make him a better person than me so why do I have to treat him as if I am less?

I am conflicted because I hate this job but with the current economy is not a good idea to be switching positions.

Would you quit a well paid position because of the things I mentioned? Or suck it up like everybody else seems to do here?

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