Can I make this a home office?

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Asked at 2012-07-31 08:45:03
I live in a very small, one bedroom apartment. I believe it's no more than 500-600 square feet, if that.

I have taken the big room and divided it into three areas. First, the kitchen. That has tiles. Second, the living room, which is defined by a carpet. Has a couch and TV. Third, the other corner, which has a kitchen table (which I NEVER eat on) and has my scanner, my laptop, a fan, and my bookshelf which has mostly computer books (and some of my other, general reading books).

I'm a small business owner. My "business address" is my house on my insurance policies, and it is my only actual office (I don't rent space anywhere). My mailing address is separate, but that's because I use a mail service.

I have 7 clients. Two require on-site work a day or two per week (and it varies a lot). I never go on-site for the other five clients (I do my work from home, always at this table).

1) Can I make the portion of the table a partial home office, so that if my rent is $1200, I can deduct perhaps $200-$300/mo?

2) Since this would be a home office, would commuting to my clients when they request (2 days a week or so, and it varies) be a deductible expense for gas/mileage? Since the majority of my clients are "work remotely", traveling is the exception. One client that I travel to is only a few miles away, but the other is 30 miles away and about 4 towns over. On those days, I rent a car (I don't own one).

Thanks for any advice.
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