Is health insurance a commodity on the free market? related questions

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Is health insurance a commodity on the free market?0rod2012-07-31 08:44:03
I'm relatively sure that is not but I haven't the slightest how it works in those regards. I am currently a dependent and my insurance is through my father's employer. It's a hot topic at the moment and I'd like to know what's wrong with it?
Is auto insurance a commodity on the free market or does it work similarly to health insurance.?0Mongolia2012-04-30 19:43:31
I can be completely out of here I have no idea how to either work for what the free market in terms of coverage I think I have an idea.
In the free market system should cancer patients be able to be dropped from their health insurance?0karri2012-07-11 19:36:29
Well they do cost more than they will ever bring in to the insurance provider, then in the ideal free market, they should be able to drop them as they cost too much money. I am asking this because I just got on medicare do to a chronic disability and have just been diagnosed with cancer.
What is the logical reasoning behind employers providing health insurance instead of the free market?0imurhero2012-10-10 03:20:56
Why I can not just go online and quote health insurance under the care like me auto insurance
The true free market can NOT run Health care system, can it?1Dwane2012-09-18 08:33:03
Capitalism is a wonderful thing - but running health care ? Not so . There have been studies that say that health care should not be put in the same category as other products and the free market can not operate healthcare still expect this to work ? MedlinePlus There are too many things when you have to use and how much it will cost her illness . Even if the U.S. could get all your people to lose weight and be healthy there are still many devastating diseases and accidents that happen to people all the time . The costs are so high , insurance companies health care are forced to ration care either turn a profit or increase premiums , How do you follow this system in which we have some people who receive excellent care and others get nothing or very little?
If free market ideology says it's good to have choices, why not the choice to buy public health insurance?1Kin2012-11-02 09:46:02
Why do conservatives want to deny consumers the choice of a public option?
If health insurance operated under a free market system, would the number of uninsured increase, or decrease?1Tshephiso2012-09-18 08:52:02
That health insurance providers continue to drop people for having pre -existing conditions ? That small business owners still do not provide health insurance to their employees? Does the free market capitalism ?
Do Liberals hate the free market when they say health insurance companies shouldn't drop you if you get sick?0soto2012-10-26 17:15:03
The Free Market allows Health Insurance companies to drop expendable leeches that get "sick" and then cry for monetary coverage from their insurer. And now with this socialist & unconstitutional ObamaCare heresy, we are told that insurers can no longer drop patients. Isn't this proof that Liberals are Communists due to their outright hatred of the Free Market?
What is the most important potential source of market failure in the health insurance market?0Tharima2012-06-23 17:53:46
What is the most important potential source of market failure in the market for health insurance?
Why isn't health insurance a commodity item like other forms of insurance (ex. auto)?0Myra12012-07-28 04:16:02
Why is not health insurance a commodity like other forms of auto insurance ( for example)?
Why isn't health insurance a commodity item like other forms of insurance (ex. auto)?0Frank 12012-09-18 13:15:04
I could have essentially the same car insurance provider throughout my life . Why health insurance is so strongly linked to the company ? It would be much easier to have the same insurance for years or decades to not worry about pre- existing conditions to change employers and health plans . With increased competition , the rates would be lower . Employers could still offer employees some money to cover health insurance premiums as a benefit . I am not advocating socialized medicine , and I do not think the Govt is very efficient in the execution of any program .
Why isn't health insurance a commodity item like other forms of insurance (ex. auto)?0Toha2012-07-20 15:04:02

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