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Motorcycling in Luzon, license, insurance requirement and highway usage?0Miannah2012-07-31 07:59:02
I have a U.S. drivers license with a motorcycle endorsement. Would it be legal for me to buy a motorcycle while in the Philippines and ride around to sight see or do I need some type of an international license? Are there insurance available or should I get one here before traveling there. And also wondering about the major highways if it is open for motorcycles? I have heard rumors that usage of motorcycles on major highways are prohibited .
How does the requirement to purchase healthcare differ from the requirement to pay taxes for Medicaid/Medicare?1Care2012-05-26 21:08:36
If the federal government can encroach upon the income to ensure that people care , why some of you think that it is unconstitutional when it is part of a national health care system ?
How to get into motorcycling?0musu2012-09-03 03:45:03
I'm interested in getting into motorcycling. My father was an avid motorcyclist and I always was interested as a child . Also I have a 70cc scooter now and think a transition to motorcycles is the natural next step ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So how do I get a ride? I guess the process is something like this : learning to ride a bike from a friend , get the license to operate the motorcycle , buy bike , take riding lessons ( insurance deductions ) , then ride free . Is that how it works ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, what would be a good bike for a beginner on limited funds ? I'm still in college so money is an issue, but I'm definitely looking at used bikes. My maximum price is around $ 2,200 . I like looking sportier bikes , sports , even two , but the more traditional touring bikes looking not capture my attention . Be sport bikes are small , light and easy to handle but still ridiculously fast , but very responsible . I was considering a Ninja 250. What else should I know ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for your advice !
Is there an age requirement to get a license to sell insurance in arizona?0Pauline2012-06-01 23:32:44
I have seventeen years, my mom thought it would be a good idea to open an office car insurance ... he bought the material and asked me if I want to study with her and take the test ... I would, but I 'm not sure if I can ... Does anyone know if there is a requrement age?
Is it a requirement to have a license in massage therapy in the state of IA?2Goddar2012-11-04 05:15:02
Is it a requirement to be licensed in massage therapy in the state of IA ?
Is a requirement to carry health insurance really so different from a requirement to buy automobile insurance?3Lell Man 2012-10-23 05:45:03
Technically , you do not have to own a car, but for most families , not having a car is not a practical alternative in modern society . The distinction is purely academic for most families. I do not think many people choose not to have a car simply because they have a philosophical objection to car insurance . I suggest that the entire argument that the new requirement to carry health insurance is a requirement of the novel because the government has never before needed to purchase any specific thing is a red herring .
How do motorcycling licenses work abroad?0Nadine2012-08-22 10:45:03
I earned my M1 license (California) a bit ago, and am legally allowed to operate a motorcycle for about 5 years (or whenever my under-21 vertical license expires). Soon, I'm going abroad (hopefully to Scotland, but potentially anywhere in the UK) and hope to ride a bike there - as in purchasing one once I'm there, insurance permitting. How do I go about getting my California license approved in the UK? Will I need to take their CBT courses and get a provisional license and essentially start from the beginning? Or is there a way to bypass all that? I'll be 21 within a month of my arriving, so that's certainly not an issue.
What do I need to know as a motorcycling tourist to British Columbia (from WA state)?0shako2012-09-25 12:50:03
Specifically , insurance is necessary? Helmets ? I can use my headphones ? ? How strict laws apply in relation to speed the U.S. ( Or simply WA )? Max Speed ​​? Different traffic laws to consider ? MedlinePlus I have the intention of making the first few rides in Vancouver , hold on to some of the national parks in the northeast of Vancouver , so that differences between the two would be good to note MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus Bonus : What are the penalties if such rate laws broken by a tourist? :) Death Penalty ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Oh , please also the only laws or references that are specific motorcycle or apply to all motor vehicles . Other traffic laws can not apply to my bike . For example WA require insurance on a car , but not a motorcycle . If you are a cyclist I apologize for stating the obvious .
Will purchasing a "non-owners" liability coverage to file SR22 satisfy DMV requirement? to reinstate license?1boa2012-06-25 06:54:19
I'll have to submit an SR22 reinstate my license suspended because of DUI drivers . My current insurance company was not aware of this suspension and the rates do not rise (I suspect that sooner or later , but it will not be for one year) I read that I can buy " non-owners " liability coverage of an insurance company as different and not connected to a vehicle should not affect the current premium and alerting my current insurance company . Would that be possible?
Should we be penalized for another's health insurance usage?3N-PLURAL 2012-10-09 14:20:02
Our health insurance rates are rising another 25 % ( up 15 % last year , five years before% ). Employees were concerned enough to ask, "Why all the increases ? " The company explained , due to the use of a long-term employee health insurance , the increase is necessary. She has 89 years, and has used more than $ 1 million health insurance , therefore , increased . My husband and I are healthy , and only use health insurance for preventive maintenance , and absolutely necessary, and no children yet, so .... Why should we penalize the use of others? Forgive me if I sound callous, I really do not want to be. His insights are appreciated!
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