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Do you still imagine? Do you still have an imagination?1Ingrid2012-10-15 11:02:02
Throughout the Christmas holiday I saw my young cousins (13 and under) playing with dolls, cars, trucks, clothes... all imagining that they were mommies and daddies, or truck drivers, or all kinds of things. Meanwhile, the adults sat around and spoke about health concerns, insurance, the problems of the world, and how life just "isn't what it used to be." So, I'm curious... as adults, have we lost the ability to imagine? John Lennon wrote a song about how the world could be so much better if we "imagine" things. Most everything is possible anymore... and the world is still involved in wars, poverty is still rampant, and diseases such as cancer and AIDS are still touching millions of people. My question is... can you (as an adult) still imagine? It can be on any level... pretending you're a motorcycle driver with your son in the sidecar, or seeing the end of war and widespread peace and understanding across the globe. Please, appropriate answers only. I'd like to hear.
So Obama would like us to "imagine a world without him". Are Ohio voters already "on the bandwagon" with this?0mcn2012-09-07 04:33:02
Can you imagine health insurance for a healthy family of 5 costing $18,000 a year?1passive voice2012-09-28 06:08:02
and a dental procedure that takes up an hour of the dentist's time costing $1500? or an 8 minute visit with a doctor about a cold costing $150?? At the rate we are going now...are these situations in the not too distant future?
Can you imagine what health insurance premiums will look like now that insurance companies r forced to insure?0mido2012-07-16 20:25:02
Can Americans imagine a system where no one pays a Doctor directly or pays any Health Insurance directly, and?1keith smith2012-10-27 19:39:03
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