Inusrance Policy of Other Party?

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He had a motorcycle accident last week. Another part was to blame. However, your policy of liability insurance is only guaranteed 25/50/25 United States . I was taken to the emergency room after he was thrown from about 30-35 meters from the motorcycle fell on my head , shoulder pain , knee , neck and back. I have been in need chirpoctar and 8 weeks of physical therapy 3 times a week , unable to look left , squatting, I have to walk slow and back hurts when I sleep. With this being said , my question is for those who have had to deal with this before, you may get more than U.S. POLICY ? I am asking before they get a lawyer to make that 1/3 of the total settlement . I've had ER bill, XRAY bill, crushing bill, and medical bills are already close to $ 18,000.00 .

Any help would be greatly apprecaited . I know I should consult a lawyer , but I wonder from past experience .

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