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Feedback on Safeco Home Inusrance?0bennie2012-07-29 22:11:02
Does anyone have any feedback/experience (good, bad, neutral) with Safeco Home Insurance relative to claims? They give some attractive rates for home insurance but I don't want to end up, if I ever need to file a claim, to have problems.
Any feedback on National Home Protection Plan?0Jackie2012-04-30 23:14:04
I am interested in purchasing a warranty plan of the house. I am looking for any comments about National Home Protection .
Has anyone heard any negative feedback about Vicki Gunvalson's home based insurance business plan?0lanae2012-08-29 03:35:03
Has anyone heard any negative comments about the home based business plan Vicki Gunvalson sure?
Will safeco insurance company pay to have air quality test and mold test done in my new home?1ã„‘ hate Math 2012-05-21 10:59:29
My husband and I have been experiencing constant fatigue constant congestion , and generally not feeling well .... which are the symptoms of mold exposure. Despite taking cold / flu / allergy to a medication, we have not received any help. He recently moved to a house of 8 years old , freshly painted , new carpet . We have seen no visual sign of mold, but are convinced that this house is making us sick . We are concerned that the previous owners may have covered the mold by painting over it and putting it back on Carpent . We have scheduled a certified professional to come out next week to test air quality . In my policy states that " fungi, wet or dry Rot or bacteria , we will pay up to the amount shown in your policy statements (10,000) for: " . It lists the damage caused by fungi, wet or dry rot or bacteria , the cost to remove it , the cost to rip and replace any part of the building to access the fungi, wet or dry rot , or bacteria and "costs of any air test air or property to confirm the absence , presence or level of fungi, wet or dry rot or bacteria, whether performed before, during or after the removal, repair , restoration or replacement. the cost of these tests will be provided only to the extent that there is reason to believe there is the presence of fungi , wet or dry rot or bacteria. " nowhere in the policy establishes the actual term " mold " , but mold is a fungus , so I'm looking for understanding. Let me know if you have medical problems is considered the " reason to believe there is the presence of fungi , wet or dry rot or bacteria" ? ?
Car Inusrance?0Donahu2012-06-13 07:12:22
Can you get a liability insurance even though the car is still paying off the bench.
How can i get my car inusrance lower?0MEL again2012-07-19 00:00:02
im 18 years old my car insurance is is 400$ a month i been driving for idk maybe almost a year atleast 6 months My vechile is 2005 Mercedes-benz c320 4 matic
Inusrance Policy of Other Party?0Kennet2012-07-30 07:14:02
He had a motorcycle accident last week. Another part was to blame. However, your policy of liability insurance is only guaranteed 25/50/25 United States . I was taken to the emergency room after he was thrown from about 30-35 meters from the motorcycle fell on my head , shoulder pain , knee , neck and back. I have been in need chirpoctar and 8 weeks of physical therapy 3 times a week , unable to look left , squatting, I have to walk slow and back hurts when I sleep. With this being said , my question is for those who have had to deal with this before, you may get more than U.S. POLICY ? I am asking before they get a lawyer to make that 1/3 of the total settlement . I've had ER bill, XRAY bill, crushing bill, and medical bills are already close to $ 18,000.00 . Any help would be greatly apprecaited . I know I should consult a lawyer , but I wonder from past experience .
Urgent inusrance qustion uk?1lion2012-06-06 14:26:32
my uncle has informed me that he has insured the car with my address he said that the insurance is cheaper. How can do this is that fraud should contact the insurance company when I receive a letter that he lives in his own home. I do not know where the car is registered help
Car Inusrance affected by Car colour?4'Nan Nan Da with 2012-03-20 02:33:48
A bit of a debate here about the car insurance office . Does color affect the price of car insurance? That is. A red car more to ensure that a silver car ? Same model and year, and everything else of course. The reason we are having a debate about this is because there is an investigation that certain colors of cars have more accidents than others, and wondered if the car insurance companies take this into account. So someone in the field of insurance please respond. Thanks in advance.
Car inusrance. Where to get free quotes ?0andyO2012-08-21 01:26:02
What is the best website to compare car insurance premiums online . What are the best companies for cheap insurance rates with good coverage for car owners ?
Does insurance cars have the right to investigate old inusrance policy with other companies?5Ann2012-06-15 14:19:13
Hello, My car was stolen from me and not getting anything from the insurance company because it was covered. People told me to stay with my first insurance company , although I have not yet bought a new car and then switch to a new company, but I want to cancel. Now if if the new insurance company asked me about why he canceled and the company first, what do I say? I fear that my premium will go up, if they know that I had my car stolen. If I did not tell them they have the right to contact my former employer to find out why ? I'm not really sure! Some advice please thanks
USC essay feedback PLEASE!?0nichole2012-09-14 02:58:03
the message is : " What matters to me and why " asks faculty and staff to reflect on their values ​​, beliefs and motivations . Presenters talk about choices they have made , difficulties encountered , and commitments solidified . Write an essay about an event or experience that helped him learn what is important to you and why it is important . MedlinePlus Please thank me for comments! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Raised by a single mother , who immigrated to America 35 years ago with only five dollars in his pocket , has taught me the values ​​, beliefs and motivations that guide me today. Like many , I once believed that we become successful in order to lead a more generous life that ultimately lead to no end to greed material. However, due to some unexpected events that took place , I was privileged to have gained a better understanding of the importance of my role as a daughter , sister and mentor future . MedlinePlus Growing up as a child I didn

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