Is a motorcycle an acceptable form of transportation?

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My boyfriend wants to get rid of your car to get a motorcycle and that 's all I can afford right now. He lives with me and my family. We have 2 cars we drive . He is not in the insurance therefore have to be in the car while driving , which is not always possible. He has a 5 year old son . He goes to court for custody arrangements with her son for 50 % of the time . If I had to be taken back to court because the mother believes that he has to have a car to transport your child , that the finding of a judge of motorcycles for transportation unacceptable that a child of 5 years ? His defense would be that he can use the cars that the home has , however , are not always there for him and neither is anyone ever ready to go with it. Doing so is driving illegally . If he put his son on the bike, it would be very dangerous for the child . The judge to consider me and my family for NULL vehicle use given that they are unmarried and not in the insurance (which, basically , would be invisible to the judge and the unacceptable source of transportation)? It is being very stubborn about this and think a bike is the only way out but I think I could lose custody of your child if the court heard .
Answer1CraddiAnswered at 2012-11-06 02:01:13
a motorcycle is a legal form of transportation.
if the father is a responsible adult with no driving convictions
then if he abides by the laws governing proper operation of a motorcycle on public streets then i don't see why it's an unacceptable source of transportation even for a 5yr old. a 5 yr old isn't a baby.
a 5 yr old can easily understand how to sit and hold on, on a motorcycle. and the 5yr old would probably love it.
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