Landlord says I can't work from home office, is this legal? related questions

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Landlord says I can't work from home office, is this legal?1Alice2012-09-09 01:36:02
I live in a 4 br house with roommates. One recently got married and moved out, so I decided I would rent his room and use it for my home office. I work remotely as a loan officer for a reverse mortgage company based in So Cal. My landlord now says it's not legal for me to use the room or any part of the house for my work purposes. I use my home office for phone calls and administrative purposes. I meet with clients in their homes, not mine. He says there are insurance/zoning laws which prohibit me from doing this. I don't believe this is true. Everyone has a home office these days, including my landlord, who lives about 20 miles away. Any qualitified advice and/or resources would be greatly appreciated so I can give him an educated response. Thank you.
Is it legal for a Dr. Office to charge a $2 office supply fee outside of your medical insurance?2Beryl2012-06-08 10:07:12
Dr. My office began charging $ 2 per visit "fee of office supplies " to cover things such as examination gloves , etc. and will not have the $ 2 to insurance and insist that you must pay the $ 2 of its pocket. My insurance covers 100 %, no deductible , no copay , but every time I go , they want their $ 2 from me. Is this legal ? ?
Can I go to a DMV office closer to my work place but not near my home to renew my driver's license?0Mariam2012-06-30 01:37:02
I live in Covina , CA and work in Ontario. It would be convenient for me to go to Ramcho Cucamonga DMV office instead of West Covina DMV office. My house is 20 miles away from Ramcho Cucamonga.
Do you think that the trouble with Jacqui Smith at the Home Office is that no white English work there?0Hujinson2012-10-02 04:21:42
MedlinePlus Even security is run by illegal immigrants !
I am a qualified Reiki Master/healer/teacher what are the legal requirments for me to work from home?0N-COUNT-COLL 2012-08-03 18:03:50
I belong to a government agency that regulates the Reiki I currently belong to the Federation of Holistic Therapists in England , covering the Reiki. (I am a holistic therapist qualified, but I will not follow holistic therapies, when I go to Norway. I focus on the development of healing that I am having a lot of sucess with.) Is it necessary to belong to a specific body of Norwegian regualatory official in order to practice Reiki from home? If so which one? Will my qualifacations be recognized in Norway? Do I need insurance to practice Reiki in Norway? Do I need to register someone as a local authority as I do in England? I've also been practicing and teaching spiritual healing spiritual healing / development house for many years, but I have no recognized qualification only customer testomonials I recommend to friends. Do I have to be formally admitted to practice as a healer spiriutal / teacher in Norway? If so who do I contact?
My landlord doesn't have any insurance is this legal?0CONJ 2012-05-07 16:45:45
My owner does not have any type of insurance is this legal?
Is it legal for a landlord to request renters insurance in the state of California1Jennifer2011-12-22 02:44:17
Is it legal for a landlord to apply for renters insurance in the State of California
Landlord won't rent to me because I have an infant.Says his insurance doesn't cover it. Is this legal?0Sarah Van Zandt2012-07-05 06:58:03
My friend and I found an apartment to rent together, along with my 2 month old daughter. I made sure that it wasn't going to be an issue that I had an infant child, and was problem. That was 2 and a half weeks ago. Well just today I was told that the landlord changed his mind after talking with his wife because they looked into their insurance and supposedly it doesn't cover having infants living in his building. My friend can still move in, but it's not looking good for my daughter and I. Is this even legal? I was doing some research online about landlord insurance and saw nothing regarding children. Please help!!
Legal advice, landlord/ tenant personal property liability laws in NC?0Mota2012-08-08 21:13:03
I live in a mobile home owned by me, but it is on land rented from a family business very wealty property. Do not have insurance because we can not get a decent insurance worth paying due to the age of the mobile home. (1981) Three weeks ago, a very large branch fell from a huge old partialy rotten tree behind my house. These branches , which originally broke and all branches subsiquent that broke , fell in my mh and important enough to cause injury . Estimates are about 4,000.00 for the repair and the MH is not even worth it. It is living for the moment, but I have to fix it or leave. The owner has refused to pay the most damaging , citing a clause in our lease that idemnifies the corporation. damge any liability to property caused by their property. Even if I had ins. that would not pay because it was the negligence of the owner to take care of this great complaints of rotten trees many of us and the other tenants . My question is , do I have a case against them that I can win in small claims court , due to gross negligence or make these evil people get away with charging just to rent and not maintaning your property?
Is it legal for a doctor's office to not tell me that they don't accept my insurance?3Spring2012-10-10 13:00:02
I went to a new doctor a few weeks ago . I gave them all my insurance information and a couple of weeks later he received a huge bill ! I called the doctor's office and asked why and was told " Oh, do not take that insurance. " What should I do?
My landlord is building on the back of the property they've bricked up half of my bathroom window, legal?1Daja2012-09-12 00:22:04
Also asked to pay for building insurance, nothing to do with the content, the creation of insurance in their name, just waiting for me to give them money.
I work for the landlord?0eric (new chem or physics prob. in)2012-08-27 04:19:02
My home is li abroad. He asked me to give you assistance to care for and maintain their properties . It has recently acquired a new property but the tennant refuses to allow me to enter the property to inspect and review a list of repairs that have requested to be repaired without a license , insurance and other documents . Is this legal on their part ? I can do the same with most repairs call a contractor , repair screens , down the sewer pipe .

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