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How long is too long to wait for someone to call you about an auto accident?0sb2012-07-29 06:31:58
I was in a recent car crash. It has been over a week since I've heard of the person. We agree to talk about what we were doing . I 'd rather not go through insurance, but I have called and have not received a response. If you ended up going through the insurance does not want to do a month after the accident, because who knows what else might have happened in the car that was not my fault ? Anyone have experience with this or know how long is too long before insurance goes " hey you should have done this before? "
How long is too long to wait to visit the doctor after an auto accident?9Aldrich2012-05-13 23:35:39
I was involved in a car accident and has been five days since it happened. I'm starting to have a pain in the left shoulder ( he was driving and is beaten from the seatbelt) . The accident was not my fault, but I worry that the " acceptable" time frame has passed to see a doctor. Is it too late to claim as an injury if I go to the doctor now ?
How long should I wait for an INSURANCE COMPANY to pay for AUTO ACCIDENT?1wheezer2012-08-25 12:57:19
I was in a minor no fault accident on December 12, 2011. The guy basically backed into my driver door and passenger door. So far his insurance company has sent someone for appraisal but have yet to tell me I can take my car to shop for repairs. Its been over a month now and every time I call the claim adjuster all she tells me is were still "verifying" coverage for this company vehicle. How long should I wait for his insurance company? Should I just go to small claims court instead? I did not go through my own insurance because the deductible is so high!
How long has anyone had to wait for an settlement from your insurance company for an auto accident . I have be?0Christie2012-09-03 06:15:03
I was in a car accident in July I was under doctor car now I have been release How long has anyone had to wait for a settlement from your insurance company
How long can you wait to file a police report for an auto accident?0Wyman2012-08-31 23:45:02
In December , this man hit my car and caused some damage . Since the accident was minor , and the damage was less than $ 500, they did not call the police. The guy said he was going to pay out of pocket , but still only received half of what you owe. I have all your insurance information and am thinking of giving them a call . ? I can file a police report ? You can even make a difference ?
How long can an insurance company make you wait to be approved for Long Term Disability?0Sian x2012-09-05 19:45:05
So here it is. My husband has MS and was diagnosed 2 years ago. He is on infections and within the past 2 years has gone on short term then long term since Jan. Anyway every 3 months he gets reviewed and then waits approval for his long term. He also has been diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety. Well Prudential is is the company that deals with the long term. He hasnt been paid in 3 months!! They have conviently not recieved the medical records that were sent out twice, then finally got all of them the third time. Now we have been waiting them to be reviewed for the last 2 weeks. I have talked to the person that is going to review them and she keeps saying it will be done tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes and she never returns my calls. When I do talk to her she just says she is sorry the doctor has not reviewed them with her yet and I get a line of excuses. This has affected my husbands health for the worst and he cant deal with her anymore, so I take care of it. She said one day the computers were down and today she said that his files were on back log, in short they havent got to them. How long can they make us wait? We are struggling terrible as we have 2 children and lots of bills. If there anything I can do. He did apply for SSD and they said they will have a decision in another month, I just dont know what to do about Prudential in the mean time. Can they make us wait and if so how long before I can really do something. I feel like I am caught between a rock and a hard place, as I dont want to be rude to this lady from Prudential because she kinda holds our well-being in her hands, but I am so angry. She's just giving us the run around. She did say once the review is complete he will get back pay, and promises that it will be complete by next week,but she is just a liar in my book. Any advise would help. We have even had my husband Disability Advocate contact her as well as his therapist, and they too have gotten the same story.... it will be complete by tomorrow. Please help our family is really struggling.
How long after an accident should i wait to get a new car?7Oswal2012-06-05 11:07:42
im 18 and just received a fine for "ignore" to a traffic light (3 points on my license) that led to an accident. joined the two cars , went to the hospital , just checked into the hospital , I was battered . im wondering how long should I wait before getting a "new " car, so I'm not paying $ 400 + a month for insurance?
How long can someone wait to file a car accident report?0Lei (read ゝ ┌ 2012-03-29 18:20:47
I was the parking lot and gave him a car with a "touch of love" , people got out and told me to hit there car , I looked and there was a small small portion of the painting comes from the defense, but I never felt my car hit there , I'm pretty sure I still had room . They said I had to pay for the damage. The owner's daughter does not call the police or report , all I did was take my license plate number and my cell phone number and left. It's been a week and now I assume the father calls me I have to pay $ 200 for the damage when the total cost of $ 500 or hes going to call the insurance and the. I was told that if they really wanted to make a big deal about it , it would call the police, and reported immediately, but did not and can not do anything about it. Is it true ?
After a car accident settlement how long do I have to wait to get my money?1albatross2012-01-30 00:33:46
I just told my lawyer to be resolved , he said he would give me something to sign, but how long will it take to receive my money in my hands? Do I need a moneth or weeks?
How long did you wait for money to be pay out for accident at work claim?4Roaming.2012-03-13 02:23:05
as above
Auto Claim - Do I need a lawyer, or Should I see what happens. How long do I wait?0Samatha Priest2012-08-01 19:19:03
Recent auto accident is riddled with problems. What should be cut and dry is not. The other driver was cited and a ticket written. Other driver isn't a US citizen but has D.L., car ownership and is insured. When the police officer said "make sure you call your insurance company", the other driver said, "do we have to", to which the P.O. of course said yes. Well I went home and immediately called my insurance company. Five days later and I hadn't heard from the other insurance so I called them. (Happy to be alive and I just wanted my car fixed.) They have so far not even spoke with him. He hasn't called them and they can't seem to get in contact with him. Tonight my windshield was smashed right in front of my house! I believe he was behind it, but no witnesses so I can't prove. No other cars on street damaged and I don't have problems with anyone else. Should I get a lawyer now, push the issue with my insurance, or wait awhile to see what his insurance company says?
How long do i wait for a duplicate auto title from ca dmv?0colt, foal2012-03-27 09:20:18
How long should I wait for a duplicate car title from CA DMV?

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