Human Resource Question?

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I have a question that I will try to make it easy . We have a management system of the agency, where some things that do not have access to so can not see. I was injured co-worker the other day and I went and I was reading what happened . While reading the report , his salary was included in that country. I was furious because I've been there 3 1/2 year and has been here 1. I came with my insurance license and she did not have one. I work more and more customers and yet she makes more money than me. It frustrated me so I told a couple of other coworkers that I was upset because she made more money than me. He never mentioned his salary (again, anyone with access to our system of management of the agency can go and see it). I pulled into the office saying that does not follow the rule of confidentiality. I do not think I did anything wrong. I think the person who broke the rule of confidentiality was the person who put it there in the first place. What are your thoughts?

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