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I am curious as if I should go to court to appeal the ticket or at least not be fully blamed for the car accident, or something else. PLEASE AND THANK YOU.
I was in the left turn lane while it was still green waiting for oncoming traffic to clear up for an open spot to turn and the light eventually turns yellow and I see a car1 in lane 1 slowing down as they are coming down a hill and car2 coming down the same speed as car1, but they were in lane 3 (closest to the left turn lane). They both started to slow down at the same time so I thought it was my chance to turn since I was already in the intersection and the light was about to turn red and i would cause traffic for the drivers to the right and left of me. As I am in the process of turning, car2 t-bones me and car1 is at the red light.
After the accident, there were no injuries and we moved our cars to one of the streets off of the main road and I called the police to notify them of the accident. Since the police didn't know whether it was university property or city property, the campus police arrived shortly after and retrieved our drivers licenses and insurance cards and just made sure both drivers were okay. (Since I have never been in an accident before, I asked the cop a few questions about what should be done about this situation) Then the officer asked us how it happened, and the other driver just states that he could not have stopped because the light turned yellow right as he was almost at the line and I didn't say much until I could speak with the officer alone. I told the officer what was described ^^^^^^ above and he actually told me he thought it was the other driver's fault and he could probably be the one receiving the citation. After the city officer showed up (about an hour later.....) the campus officer gave him our cards and information and the city officer started to walk up to us and just tells me "I will be with you in a second, ma'am." (I haven't even said anything). He tells the other driver to come over to his vehicle and they talk for about 10-15 mins about something and then let's the driver leave. I wait another 20 or so minutes while he writing down stuff in his vehicle and then waves me over to come to his window.
He already had the ticket written out and just asked me what my SSN and phone number was and asked me to sign the citation. So I asked him, "Shouldn't I be sharing my side of the story?" and he just says, "The other driver told me his story, and pretty much told me yours." So I start to explain what really happened and he interrupts and says, "I cannot side with anyone because I was not here during the accident." ISN'T THAT JUST CONTRADICTING HIMSELF???
**All there was on the citation for my offense was "Left turns".

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