What happens if you use plus white whitening gel when you have a cavatiy? related questions

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What happens if you use plus white whitening gel when you have a cavatiy?0Patsie2012-07-26 18:09:02
I bought Plus White whitening gel to get rid of stained teeth from when smoked. But when I got home I realized I said that is not used for decay . I have some ( not dental insurance ) so my question is should I use and what happens if I do?
Which whitening strips do you recommend?0 Dian. sister too helpless -2012-08-31 23:06:02
Before anyone says it, I have no dental insurance and can not afford to pay out of pocket , either for a professional whitening . That said, it robs Rite Aid , CVS or Target ( the only stores around me that sell stuff like that ) you guys recommend ? My teeth look gross . I tried the whitening toothpaste on 5 and did not do much ...
Severe tooth sensitivity after whitening?0jessika2012-11-05 04:09:56
Last night I bought the Intensive Professional Effects by Crest. I seen a kind for sensitive teeth but didn't get it because I've never had any kind of sensitivity issues before. I'm 26 and my teeth are very healthy, I've had one cavity and that's the only problem I've ever had. I followed the directions and left it on for 2 hours from 8-10pm last night. Took them off, everything was fine and I went to bed. I woke up around 2 am and my bottom teeth were really hurting, sharp pains going through each tooth the strips touched. I took some ibuprofen and fell back asleep. At 4am I woke up again to all my teeth hurting. I have a high pain tolerance and this tooth pain has me in tears! Orajel helps for a couple minutes and that's it. Any suggestions to make the pain go away???? I no longer have dental insurance so the dentist isn't a option
Restores the confidence to smile by whitening the teeth0evameyers2022-07-22 08:35:37
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Does guardian insurance cover teeth cleaning or whitening?0Itzel2012-07-12 22:10:03
guardian dental insurance
Does Independent Health Insurance Cover Teeth Whitening?0Gen2012-07-24 08:43:03
I know this probably sounds snobby or that I'm ungrateful because yeah, teeth whitenings are a luxury, but does independent health cover them? Thank's for the help.
How Does The Yec Keto White Use? 0YecKetoweightloss2021-08-27 00:02:42
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white drapery0psoffice582022-08-06 00:42:57
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Can a man drive a white car?9Wayne2012-01-16 19:57:01
Can a man driving a white car ?
Would you buy a white car instead of color car?0Myolie2012-08-15 15:45:03
Are they cheaper cars and will the insurance rate be lower by driving a white vehicle? Eg: Red cars get stolen, the insurance rate is higher, and the car is expensive
white lines02012-08-07 11:06:06
Can i park on a single white line outside my drive 
Guy used white out on the back of my title?4Gaines2012-04-30 07:38:55
When I bought my car and the man gave me my title ( laters months) used white on the back and wrote my information (which was wrong) about it. Now the two stickers have expired and the usual man talk to me. What should I do ? ?

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