How long is my health insurance active after I leave my job? related questions

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How long is my health insurance active after I leave my job?0Winifred2012-07-26 03:27:02
How long is my health insurance active after I leave my job? If I left there on 09/21/10 and they took my insurance out of my check on 9/24/10 how much longer do I have health care? Just wondering, 1 week, 2 weeks, a month?
Does anyone know how long health insurance is active for after being laid off?10Hulda2012-09-02 01:40:02
I was fired right next to ... and my insurance premium was deducted from my paycheck yet final payment .. Does that mean you have an additional 30 days of coverage ?
What happens if a auto leasing company goes out of business while I still have an active leave with them?0Ringa2012-08-01 00:49:01
My insurance company is looking for the title and do not know what to say ...
How long will my health insurance continue after I leave my job?0Niki2012-08-03 15:19:01
Who have joined health and I have fear of the transition to a new job. My new job of taking care of 60 days to put in recipes , but I have cost me $ 105 per month. Will I be forced to pay full price for these requirements or there is any grace period?
How long do you have to be at a job before you can leave and get COBRA continuation on your health insurance?1brice2012-08-24 11:09:03
I am unhappy at work , but I'd be able to maintain insurance, even though I will be paying more for it. I have had insurance coverage from day one , if that makes a difference.
How long after you leave a job does your health insurance is supposed to expire?2Rachel h2012-08-15 17:51:02
My mother says by law, it should cut off 3 months from when you left the job. Does any know the legal side of this?
How long does an employer cover health insurance for maternity leave0Barbara2011-12-22 19:58:50
How long does an employer covered health insurance for maternity leave
How long can I keep my health insurance through work if I fail to meet the requirement afrer maternity leave?2Ulaanbaatar2012-07-27 23:30:00
I just finished my maternity leave and returned to work, but I can only part time. My job requires me to work full time in order to receive medical benefits , I have not lost my insurance, so how long I can skate and keep my health insurance? there is a law in Colorado that helps me ?
How long is insurance effective after you leave a job?0Cindi2012-07-07 02:19:02
I placed one week before I'm working in. Thursday and sat and sat down to be the last day. I want to take dental insurance , while I have it still . ¿ I can get a cavity filled this week and still be good?
How long does it take to get a California I.d. sent to you, after you leave dmv?0SeX Machine 2012-05-09 20:36:00
DMV states that get to you with in 60 days, but in reality what is the average number of days?
Is my long term disability insurance which I pay for payable after I leave my job?1Rolanda2012-06-11 14:25:03
Is my insurance long term disability , which I pay for pay after they leave my job?
How long is the leave after sugery in the military?0harrison2012-07-16 09:28:02
I know u need to get approval, etc. So I have mild gynecomastia and would like to get rid of the causes of chest pain if it hits something, or just at random , is also a health risk . If I do, appox how long until you can work ur ? Also active duty while still getting.paid revovering ? The surgery itself is one hour . I would like to save and pay to go to get rid of it ASAP. Its considered a cosmetic surgery to idk if it could be covered. Also do u get health insurance in the army , how to go about going through surgery or in the military.

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