Cant qualify for medi-cal but cant qualify fr healthy families and noone i have called will take a patient.... related questions

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Cant qualify for medi-cal but cant qualify fr healthy families and noone i have called will take a patient....0taysha2012-07-25 13:59:02
We have WAY over the property limit for medi-cal but we don't make enough for healthy families! Everyone around here i have called will not take new patients without some kind of insurance what do it d if i cant get insuarance and the doctors wont take a new patients who will pay outta pocket!
Will we qualify for Healthy Families if we opt out of my husband's insurance plan through his employer?0zulma2012-06-30 16:09:01
He pays for me and our 4 children 100% of your pocket, but I still consider employer-sponsored and it is now ineligible . The kids have to be out of a plan sponsored by the employer for 90 days for access. So if you choose to leave my husband and plan to purchase insurance on their own for 90 days, then qualify ? We meet all other requirements .
Do we qualify for Medi-Cal?0ωǒ old ぺ Bo 2012-04-29 19:21:48
A few months after our son was born we received a letter by mail saying that my friends from Medi-Cal had stopped. Shortly after it was discontinued ended up going to the emergency room and now have a very expensive medical bill . I've been running into a wall trying to get a hold of a person and now were left not knowing if we even qualify .
If i own a home, do i qualify for medi-cal , California ?1John Henry2012-11-05 01:11:02
Also, what if I live in that house, and I lost my job after I bought it , I have two children under 21 years and can not afford health insurance ..
What vehicles qualify and don't qualify for Automobile Liability Insurance0furious 2012-02-10 23:39:50
What vehicles qualify and not qualify for liability insurance
Can I still qualify for Healthy Start Medicaid if I have private health insurance?0Maximus2012-07-14 05:44:02
We meet the income requirements , and we can not pay our outrageous deductible health insurance. I do not know what else to do , we are drowning in medical bills not covered by our insurance and my husbands hours were cut. I can not find answers about insurance on the website .
What's the age eligibility of Healthy Families?2Bennet2012-06-22 03:58:52
I heard that 18 years is the limit for Healthy Families and that if any more are not eligible more. Is this true ? Can we do something about it or if we have no choice but to switch to a company health insurance differently? Thank you !
Healthy Families income guidelines....?0hawk, falcon2012-05-28 08:37:41
I have a 4 year old daughter . Neither has health insurance. With the income I make in my work does not qualify for Medi -Cal, but I think you qualify for Healthy Families. The only thing that worries me is ... I own a house that can not afford to live in what are rented and now I'm renting an apartment that can barely afford. What worries me is ... Healthy Families Have in mind 100% of the rent I can charge as income? Or just a percentage. If all income is considered income to qualify then my daughter usual . The thing is ... The rent is not really pick up the rent. Not even pay the mortgage. I have yet to make up the difference to pay the mortgage. A couple of years ago when my daughter qualified for Medi -Cal , my work told me that only considers 10% of the rent I collected as revenue. I wonder if the same for Healthy Families. Thanks if I can provide useful answers. Please indicate the source from which you will find the answer.
Question about healthy families health insurance?0Isidor2012-06-20 20:11:55
Is it true healthy families cut off the insurance for when you turn 18 ? ? Im gonna turn 18 in a week and I have to go to the doctor . you cut the insurance?
Would HealthNet Healthy Families insurance cover this?0Colber2012-06-03 15:24:44
I had what I believe is now rosacea for the past 4 years. My cheeks are always red , and burns constantly. It's almost like a sunburn all the time. I have tried many creams and nothing seems to work. I read that the laser treatment appears to be effective in reducing the redness and burning sensation. I have 17 years and have HealthNet Healthy Families. My question is, does the laser treatment is covered by insurance? I'm guessing it's not, especially in the Healthy Families , but thought I would give it a shot asking. Thank you !
Does healthy families insurance cover gum grafts?0Lanc2012-05-28 03:32:56
who paid for my keys ...
Does healthy families insurance cover for contact lenses?1 (Core Estate pain -2012-05-14 05:43:50
I want contacts, but are expensive, so I was wondering if healthy families cover for them?

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