Please! Help! Environment issues?

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I recently found out about some things going on where I live and I'm not sure what to do about it? At the same time I think every one who lives near a Gas Station should all be aware of it too. There was a gas leak from the Gas next door, which was once an Arco and the city closed them down for about two years. Then Mobile/Exxon brought it and put in new tanks. Now they hired a company to come and clean up the mess/gas where I live and it's an apartment complex. Here's my problem I have been getting sick and I think it may be caused from the toxic chemicals they are using. I was also told it's toxic when water gets contact with it. Well! It's has rained here and the chemicals are on the property and they have pumped it into the round and some of it comes out after the rain, and they pump into the ground so the gas will mix with it and then they pump most of it up. Some of the chemicals are on the plants which some have died, some on our cars, some on the ground, etc. What can I do I live and work here? And I not just concerned about me, but the other people exposed to this stuff? What can I do? I don't want to get fired either. I don't have health insurance either to top it off. Help! Please!

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