Should Obama introduce health insurance at US expense for the whole world? related questions

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Should Obama introduce health insurance at US expense for the whole world?0vandana2012-07-25 06:04:03
In case of introducing a health insurance Obama on the coast of the U.S. for the whole world ?
Since Obama Care is the still the worst health insurance in the Industrial World, is it just"good enough" for?0Teara2012-07-22 16:17:02
for Americans ...... It would not be good enough for Australians , Canadians, Dutch , Swiss , Germans , Belgians , Sweden , Denmark , Estonia , Poland , Norway , Austria, France and the civilized countries .... well I guess it's good enough for Americans ... they do not deserve anything better ..... 1) Super colossally Totally agree! 2) It would have been better ........ Romneycare Oh, wait ... 3) On the plus side , it will keep more liberal solvent .. 4) OMG .. all the doctor 's out , and the dogs sleeping with cats, and politicians start speaking in tongues ..... is the end! ... In the end I say ..... 5) Read my lips ... no new taxes ... accessments fees and some more a few accessments and allocated expenses .... but none of those are taxes .... I'm Mitt Romney and I approve this message ......
When Obama was asked "how in the world can a private company compete in health care" at his town hall, why did?0theanmozhyi2012-09-26 19:11:03
to dance around the question and not respond ? Do not you think Fred Astire in old movies that do a tap dance on stage? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Here is a link to the actual question and answer MedlinePlus MedlinePlus / 0
Why do socialists around the world think Obama is not 'one of them'?0Accounting Buff2012-08-19 08:41:02 -dyn/con
So Obama would like us to "imagine a world without him". Are Ohio voters already "on the bandwagon" with this?0mcn2012-09-07 04:33:02
Will the economy really improve or will Obama's team push us to a Socialist semi-Third world way of life?0bes2012-08-25 03:24:19
Mostly after watching the news and listening to talk radio . I'm serious . It seems that "force" companies to cover all defy the whole purpose of insurance is risk management . I support that covers the elderly and destitute , but we really risk the economy to help the irresponsible ? I'm losing interest in the whole policy in general.
Expense Personal Health Insurance from my LLC?0Stormie2012-09-16 11:16:03
I own an LLC and am currently the only full-time employee of the company . All other contractors . Because I'm the only full-time employee , we can not group insurance business , so I'm stuck paying for health insurance outside the company staff . The question is , can the expenses that cost the company legally as if it were any other kind of spending ?
Health insurance premiums have increased 124% since Obama took office. Is Obama squeezing the middle class?1kashmira2012-10-17 04:24:36
We are now paying the price of socialism. If liberals do not feel bad about the catastrophic impact of their stupidity, the only possible explanation is that they are brain dead - nothing more than following orders brownshirts ?
If Obama's Health insurance is top notch, and cheaper under Obama's plan?0FRACTION 2012-10-10 22:59:42
Would not it be better for all Americans to leave their own , and keep your health plan ? What will become of the other health insurance companies ?
What does maximum out of pocket expense for health insurance mean?2N-UNCOUNT 2012-06-17 16:19:57
My health insurance is that I have to pay 40 % and the maximum payout of $ 5,000.00 says So if the hospital bill is $ 400,000.00 do I have to pay 40 % of that , or I pay only $ 5,000.00
Can I take my Health Insurance Payment as a Business Expense?0roxan2012-07-19 19:30:05
Although I am a full time employee , I have a 10% of my income from freelance work. My health insurance coverage was the employer of my spouse. After the divorce in the fall of '07, I have to pay health insurance through COBRA. ¿ I can make COBRA payments I've done the last 3 months of '07 and put them against my own entrance . Represents approximately 25 % of my "many" of income. Thanks in advance .
How can I get health insurance for myself and family and pay for it as business expense without employees?2katirina2012-09-02 14:31:02
I am a part-time entrepreneur with success in California, but I keep my day job because of group health insurance they offer. I like to cut the apron string and go completely on my own, but the insurance situation holds these plans hostage. I do not want to buy private health insurance , I would structure my one man business so you can easily purchase a group health insurance for myself and family. I would buy a group insurance and private insurance so I would not have to deal with preexisting conditions and riders , etc. Since I'm still a sole proprietor , I have little room for maneuver in terms of corporate structure and I am ready to change whatever it takes to get the best deal possible. How I can get health insurance for me and my family and pay for it as a business expense without employees ?

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