Will state farm home insurance cover stolen laptops? related questions

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Will state farm home insurance cover stolen laptops?0Martina2012-07-25 03:14:01
I had my laptop stolen, but not from home. From my car , the burglar took two laptop computers. State Farm is home insurance cover? I had a friend who said that their laptops, and had the same situation that happened . He got the reimbursement of a deductible.
Will State Farm's renters insurance cover items stolen from my car?1Lil Okie 2012-06-21 23:08:01
Although my car was not parked at home, but instead parked in school? My laptop was stolen from my car today and unfortunately my car insurance will not get it , so hopefully my renters insurance will. Please help ! Thank you !
Will state farm auto insurance cover stolen car stereos?0confused mom2012-09-29 03:26:02
I have state farm auto insurance and I have 2 12s in my trunk of an aftermarket stereo and speakers inside . If they were stolen my insurance cover the loss or
Does State Farm home insurance cover act-of-god accidents?1NIKE2012-09-19 06:27:03
There was a power surge last night and knocked out my HDTV. Will my insurance go up if I can file a claim for $ 200 to help replace it. And does anyone know if State Farm will replace the TV or just give me $ 200 ..
I have to ask all.. Because State Farm insurance will not cover Mississippi..Do you trust State farm anymore?3drew 2012-07-13 14:30:03
If Farm home not covered New Orleans and southern Alabama, Mississippi? Would you trust them for auto insurance? The result of this question will be a Yahoo 360 blog MinnesotaRick ..
Help. We were robbed over Christmas and had 3 laptops stolen, why can't we claim on insurance?3Gal2012-09-09 20:49:02
Insurers are saying that because these items are "portable " that are not covered. When this policy has been mentioned? It's frustrating because we have paid much more than the value of everything taken in recent years. To make matters worse we were told that you can claim a value of toy
What do I do when State Farm denied my auto claim? My Car was stolen..?6BeeDeePee 2012-07-27 20:18:07
I was three months behind on my car note . But I had made ​​arrangements with people car finance (Wells Fargo) . I was informed that I could pay a certain amount each week. And I did. I never said they were going to repo the car once. They kept calling my house to make other arrangements to get more money . I was so frustrated that I told them if that was not enough to come the car, never did. I continued to pay what they agreed on the phone. So the day , the car is stolen. Yes I made a police report. State Farm took me through the ringer . I answered all questions under oath and there with his lawyer. I only had a car key . They did not like that. I've given them. They wanted to know all my personal business, about me, bills etc. They said my claim was denied due to Wells Fargo, State Farm said it would be repo the day after it was stolen. I called Wells Fargo on the same day it was stolen. Wells Fargo sent the Repo Man 2 days after they were informed it was stolen. Wells Fargo said that State Farm sent me a letter, which was a lie ! that I sent a letter of any kind. State Farm said they think it was fraud , but I can not prove it, and the claim was denied. What I can do? Wells Fargo will sue me for the car?
Where would I find a copy of my rights as an owner of a stolen car - State Farm?1HotShot 2012-03-30 18:40:42
A car was stolen. My only claim it once was for 20 years for flat tires . Now, my BMW was stolen. It's been over a month , State Farm does not return my calls , I was told this is going to Special Investigations, and have the right to take all the time they need to complete their investigation. I had a telephone appointment to call and the person I was talking to was not available. They have refused to return my calls for a month . When I spoke to State Farm told me the phone appointment would be at least an hour and were asked detailed questions. I said I was fine, absolutely fine. He missed the appointment and I'm not sure what my rights at this time. She said she would ask questions such as my employer , my income , all income from all sources , etc. While I have nothing to hide, is not it the consumer here , and the victim? Anywhere I can find my rights or the law of California State Farm ? TIA I'm not sure where this is going , so I'm cross posting to Law & Ethics as well as insurance and registration.
With whom should I insure my home, now that State Farm is letting go of their Florida home insurance policies?0Peaches2012-09-02 01:45:03
Who do I insure my house , now that State Farm is letting go of your insurance policies Florida home ?
Will State Farm Cover My Mom?2Chris2012-05-06 17:09:01
My mom has StateFarm safe and just buy a new car yesterday totaled She will pay what is owed on the car yet
Will State Farm cover this?2Bori2012-05-10 22:41:31
My wife was going through a toll and she did not stop, because the light was green. The light was green due to the fact that a car just went through. The pole fell and broke my windshield. Will this be covered? I have full coverage ... Thx
Does state farm insurance cover slashed tires?0Gabrielle2012-06-03 07:19:52
I have no insurance coverage and one of my tires were punctured .

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