What is going to happen when the Obama Care supporters realize that they don't get free health care? related questions

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What is going to happen when the Obama Care supporters realize that they don't get free health care?0Luc2012-07-25 01:54:04
In fact, they are now forced to buy insurance , if they don't have it, or pay a tax. Anyway you look at it the poor now have to pay more.
Simple question for 0bama tax supporters. Who is going to pay for this "free" health care?2cyress2012-09-18 13:09:02
49% of Americans pay no taxes. Without money coming in here, just leave. 0bama administration says that will give tax credits to those who buy their own insurance. Without the money coming here. Then you have those who receive care from their companies. Without the money coming here, as promised tax credits to companies that provide their employees health care . Thus less taxes collected . We are told that only those who are a tax refund can have their refunds " penalized " . Tell me, where is the money going to come? The only possible way is to tax the earnings on the tax payer class environment.
Obama Care supporters...do you know what this means?0Barnie2012-09-20 15:06:02
The 10th Amendment . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus " The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution , nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The powers of the federal government that are not mentioned in the Constitution belong to the states essentially . Given that universal health insurance is not mentioned in the Constitution , that power belongs to the states to decide for themselves . Like how auto insurance laws are driven by states. Federal Universal health insurance is unconstitutional and will be strictly voted down by the Supreme Court .
Why do illegal alien supporters claim illegals don't receive free medical care?0Finch2012-10-22 06:22:56
??? Why did Obama change from free clinic style health care to the Bush/Hillary mandatory Health Insurance Law?1DeAr_2012-10-09 15:05:03
Making it mandatory law, as auto insurance will only make insurance companies and lawyers richer.
Isn't it tragic that poor Republicans want to repeal Obama Care so as to deny themselves free health insurance?1Maximilian2012-08-19 22:00:02
What would happen if health insurance only covered emergencies, long term health care, and senior care?0HELP??????? thanks!2012-08-11 09:15:03
Isn't insurance supposed to be money put into company on the risk that you might need help on a medically related major expense? In today's American society, Health Insurance is no longer a program used to pay for major medical expenses, it's used to cover EVERY MEDICAL EXPENSE. Today, one pays an insurance company to pay all their medical bills, and pays a premium on top of their insurance payment. That drives the cost of all medical expenses up, as now medical providers can get a bunch of money from institutions that pay, instead of 'customers.' But when the uninsured come, they don't have that institution to pay for them, and must pay the same price... and put themselves in financial debt or trouble. But if insurance only covered emergency room trips, long term health care, an senior care for people who paid into the insurance program during their more healthy years, then medical facilities couldn't afford to charge the outrageous fees they do now. Prices would drop, the majority of non emergency care users could probably afford to pay from their pocket, and the more needy could get on some kind of payment plan to the hospital. What do you think of my proposal?
Who are the reps. fooling they say ss. medcare and obama care are too expensive what about private health care?0tomi2012-07-17 15:45:01
finally the private cost of coverage and health care is so expensive that only the rich can afford them. the public are a bunch of fools and I can not see this. we are paying more for insurance , copays and deductibles and other expenses. soon not be able to pay for them. Universal health care will soon be here believe it or not . our current system is unsustainable and will collapse . and if the replicates. destroy ss . that will destroy the nation.
Conservatives: why don't you buy your own health care insurance and stop complaining about Obama care?1Sarai2012-09-09 15:15:03
Does Obama care make buying insurance mandatory or is it health care provided by the government?1kokodiva2012-11-03 13:05:04
I live in Canada and I heard Obama's attention on the Internet. Therefore, health care is universal and most other first world countries where you have treated health care as a public service or is it just something that forces you to buy private insurance ? Another thing , maybe?
Does Obama really care about health care or does he just want something to pass to help create...?1que-3席 ≥2012-08-24 02:10:21
... a legacy? If he really wanted to improve health care why not start a national debate and then go from there? Why are you trying to cram something down our throats ? Why will not discuss the details ? What is your plan? He has said he wanted a single payer in the past. Do not you realize what this will do to the private insurance industry ? If so why did he not answer questions about long-term effects of your system. You have a lot of splaining ' to do , Lucy.
ANYONE NOT KNOW THE WORKS new health plan ? Does everyone get Medicaid ? HEALTH CARE IS FREE ?

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