How would "public option" government health insurance compete "fairly" with private health insurers? related questions

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How would "public option" government health insurance compete "fairly" with private health insurers?2Britani2012-10-20 02:13:03
Can private sector insurers compete with government insurance in health care "reform"?1Vinitha2012-08-01 14:26:53
0bama said that the government will not compete with private insurers , and that you will be able to keep your insurance if you are happy with it ? Which , where appropriate , the defects are in this position?
Healthcare: why not have a public option to compete against private insurance companies. If you want to pay?1kiran2012-09-15 08:12:04
more for private, supposedly better, healthcare then you still can. Isn't that what the free marketplace is all about. If the public option will be bad, no one will want it. If it survives, then the marketplace has spoken. What are private insurance companies afraid of?
Would a public option compete w/ health insurance companies to make them honest...?0twela2012-10-07 09:45:04
Just as Freddie Mac and Fannie May made ​​the banking industry " honored" by lending money to people who could not repay the loans , forcing banks to " compete " with the government and ruin the country financially (thanks Barney Frank and Chris Dodd ? ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is health care in the same destination , with the pretext of making insurance companies offer the same " benefits " the government does ? If the government issues more benefits that health insurance companies have now , the health insurance companies reluctantly have to follow , which is what happened to our banking system . And failed miserably . Trust in government who knows nothing about health care or business ? ? ? ? ?
How can a government run health insurance entity "compete" with private companies? Will it pay taxes?1N-PROPER-COLL 2012-09-25 19:15:03
It boggles my mind that the proponents of a government run health insurance entity would actual state that this entity would bring competition to the insurance arena. How would these private businesses compete with someone who does not have to pay taxes. How do companies compete with an entity that can literally raise taxes to pay for operational costs or an entity that is funded non voluntarily by the citizens of the United States? Can the private insurance companies pass legislation that changes the rules of the game in the insurance business? No but the government could certainly dictate the rules of their own business by passing legislation in its favor. Can someone please give me a logical reason as to how this government run health insurance option would do anything other than run private insurance into the ground to ultimately pave the way for the government to be the only health care option?
How are private health insurance companies going to be able to compete with a government run healthcare system?1justme2012-11-04 12:49:05
How would a Universal health care public option put private health insurance out of business ?0Blanche2012-07-19 01:11:02
How would a Universal health care public option put private health insurance out of business ?
Why are liberals trying to force government health insurance on the public by giving them that option?3Shala2012-10-18 16:15:03
Why liberals trying to force the government health insurance in the public to give them that option ?
If a Public Option *did* "crowd out" private health insurance companies to bankruptcy, why can't there be ...?1 분수를 나타내는 숫자표현 2012-05-06 00:58:23
new private firms that are presented below , to be more profitable? The reason against a public option seems to be, if the Govt offers insurance for a really low price , then everyone will get rid of private insurance for government / public choice . And thus all private insurers will go bankrupt and the Govt has a monopoly . But I do not understand is this : What if that government monopoly itself eventually became too expensive? Can not the new private insurance companies then jump up to force the price below the public option ?
Do you think that the Public Option will pass? If so, how will it affect Private Health Insurance companies?3 the invisible. -2012-10-08 00:28:03
Do you think the public option pass ? If so , how will private companies health insurance ?
Most people like Medicare. Why can't I have a public option as an alternative to private health insurance?0shakiela2012-08-10 03:15:03
The post office and Fedex co-exist and they satisfy different needs for different section of the population and business community. In addition to Medicare, VA and private health insurance (possibly reformed), a public health care option would help meet the different needs and pockets of America.
Wouldn't a public option cause the prices to rise in the private health insurance market?1Jackiee2012-09-05 10:58:03
Think about it. If the government comes and pays only 60-70% of what private insurers pay , they will not recover this loss by charging private insurance more, by raising the premiums for the rest of America? Finally , leading to the collapse of private insurance and ending in total government control of health care . Am I right ?

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