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Insurance Claims (Direct General)0katty2012-07-23 17:20:03
I am a Direct General customer and has recently been in an accident (more like March 2008) and my insurance company seems to not wanna pay up accurately! I do understand my deductible must be paid by me, but when the estimator came by to check the damages done to my car, he didn't even bother to let me know he was outside or that he was looking at my car. This resulted in an inaccurate estimate because he couldn't look under the hood. I took it to two other repair shops and got two different estimates. Each one looked under the hood and the first wrote up an estimate for $1490 plus, and the second for over $1500. The insurance company's guy said $477! They sent me $277. Leaving me to pay over $1200-$1300 that I shouldn't have to pay. Not to mention, the insurance company hasn't even given me an rental car. I am at my wits end and don't know where to go from here. I have an lawyer, but that situation is for a different discussion! Anyone with some insight on what I could possibly do to get my car into the shop for auto repairs and get into a rental car, please let me know because my car is really acting up and isn't too safe for me to drive back home in with my daughter! We stay in NW Arkansas and is in Central Arkansas now hoping the insurance company will call me in the morning before the repair guy get too busy!
Is direct general insurance a franchise0Who Da Best? 2012-01-25 18:39:04
General insurance is running a franchise
How can I recruit employees for direct sales for General Insurance?0Kayden Ryan Smith2012-10-28 08:15:03
Employees in office of the organization . But what are the means to reach them directly .
Will Direct General cover med bills or damages if I am in someone else's car?0PurpleAndrew2012-10-21 06:15:02
I have an auto insurance policy with Direct General. I'd like to know if they would cover med bills and damages in an accident in someone else's vehicle in which I was not at fault.
Direct general auto ins. is igoreing my claim?6Gale2017-11-21 21:44:45
I am having a problem trying to get general information directly to me to pay for an accident. I had no guilt happen5/19/2011 who are not responding , I need my money because I want to help me buy another auto.please M.Taylor Ft Lauderdale, FL
I was refused home insurance by Direct line because I had had 3 claims in 2years.?3Plato2012-07-14 19:16:02
Is this ususally the case of insurance companies?
Direct price on auto insurance discount? Claims services, how to safely0Aussie17 2012-03-11 01:31:21
Direct prices on discount auto insurance ? Claims for services, how security
Does direct line car insurance wipe out no claims bonus after a claim has been made or do they reduce it?2Ker2012-04-05 07:37:03
for a few years ? For example if I have an accident and it was my fault and I had no protection claims, the end line Directline my 6 years no claims bonus or reduce it to a few years? and after a claim, increase in direct premium online immediately or increase the renewal premium is coming? ?
How much is 7 years no claims discount as a named driver with Direct Line worth on a new policy?0Lei2012-06-14 11:49:48
If I take a new policy called my count is off the driver as normal or NCD is completely different ?
What does 'Direct' in Progressive Direct or Geico Direct mean?0whale2012-03-19 11:27:30
What does " live" in the Progressive Direct or Geico Direct mean?
How much do optometry practices receive on a general claims per insurance or vision plans?0Lester2012-08-30 20:18:02
To what extent optometry practices for reimbursement of general claims ( after adjustments ) by insurance or vision plans . I have a client who wants to compare how much they are getting from their groups of different payers ( BCBS , Medicare , Medicaid , Health Network , Eye Med , etc. .. ) compared to the national average . For example , if you submit a claim for $ 100 and the payer reimburses $ 70 payout ratio is 70 % .
What is the difference between a claims made and occurence general liability policy2Ala2012-04-11 01:10:22
What is the difference between claims made and occurrence policy of general liability

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