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How can I get compensated for an auto accident?2Suli2012-10-06 18:45:04
Acar without a driver rolled into my parked car.A police report was made, and I was told by my insurance company that his car is registered out of state, and that he has no insurance. I do not have collision insurance. Should I inform his state that he has no insurance.
I bought a new car and I got into an accident. Do I get compensated for the depreciation of the car?6Kelly T 2012-03-29 00:15:38
I bought the car in gear and in April I had an accident ( not my fault , the other party accepted liability ) the car has lost much of its value due to the accident. ¿ I can be offset by the depreciation of the insurance company?
If I had a car accident, hit a cow the owner is liable. How much will I be compensated or do I have to sue?3[email protected] G |/|()||3y 2012-05-06 15:37:09
If I had a car accident, hit a cow owner is responsible . How much will I be compensated or I have to sue?
Can the victim of a car accident be compensated when there is no injury?6Wing2012-04-19 04:17:18
A month ago was rear-ended at a stoplight. He had $ 8,000 damage to my truck. Because the frame does not bend, the insurance company had repaired. The driver who hit me left the scene without exchanging information. Witnesses got the license plate , and my insurance company found it. Fortunately , I seem to have been injured, but did not sign the statement because I have heard that sometimes the symptoms are presented below . He hit me very hard, and was driven to a large truck in front of me (no damage to the truck , just my neighborhood), so I was really involved in 2 crashes. My insurance company offered me $ 800. Is that reasonable? It seems to me that the driver should receive some monetary consequence for the choice of committing a crime, instead of giving me your insurance information .
When compensated for auto damage, do I have to use the money for repairing the car?0AnonymousII2012-07-29 15:08:02
That was hit while traveling , and the damage is purely cosmetic and (in my opinion ) is not so bad. Because of where it is , it will be expensive to fix, and frankly , I can think much more important things to spend money to get rid of some dents. As I was not guilty , is it ethical / moral / legal for me to spend the insurance money on something else?
My insurance company wrongfully denied my claim which resulted in an auto lien. Can i be compensated the loss?0Maya2012-07-31 15:25:55
My vehicle was vandalized over a year ago. I immediately notified the insurance company and made a police report. The insurance company had my car towed to THIER mechanic where the vehicle remained for the next 2 months. Their mechanic took it upon himself to prematurely do the repairs without my consent or consent from the insurance company. As is turned out, the insurance company denied the claim. The mechanic said since he was out of money for parts and labor that I would be responsible for the damages, even though he admitted he had no legal right to do repairs on a vehicle without signed consent from the owner or insurance co. Furthermore he told me he wanted $3000 when the insurance co initially apraised the damages & labor at $1,250. The only thing wrong was a bashed in windshield and damage to the hood! He wouldn't even allow me to make payments. I could not afford to pay him so he put a lien on the vehicle. when I tried to respond to the lien, the mechanics phone number was disconected and the shop was closed for business. He basically disappeared! So 1 year later I get a letter and a check form the insurance company saying that they reopened my claim after all this time and decided that my claim should have never been denied in the first place. The problem is I have no idea where the vehicle is or where the mechanic is. Should the insurance company be held responsible for my vehicle since they wrongfully denied the claim in the first place? And I know I'll never see the car again, but I still have the title so shouldn't someone have to compensate me for the wrongful loss of the vehicle? Also, it was thier mechanic who violated the lien law! He put a lien on my vehicle when he never had authorization to do the repairs for which he was attempting compensation. Then, when I tried to respond to the lien, he was nowhere to be found. So if the insurance co. had approved the claim in the beginning, the mechanic would have been paid, and I would have my vehicle. But since they admitted they were wrong when they initially denied the claim, as evidenced by the check and letter they sent me one whole year later, shouldn't they have to compensate me for the loss of the vehicle? So I really need some help here, and honestly guys I'm not interested in anyone's personal opinion about this matter. Please only respond if you are responding to the legalities of the situation. What are my legal rights in this situation? I don't have a lot of money so an attorney is out of the question. I'm currently in another vehicle with a $300 a month car note which is NOT what I wanted since I owned the vehicle in question. The vehicle that was taken was a 2000 Galant blue booked at $4000. Who should I talk to, what should I do? As always thank you in advance! If you have questions don't hesitate to ask.
How do I get compensated?1Samuela2012-06-05 14:46:47
Yesterday I used a new Nivea product called "radiance boosting moisturizer and overnight I had an extreme allergic reaction , my face is swollen, bright red , painful , hot and itchy . I have never had a reation as this before, I sent a complaint email to Nivea, but now I think it will only be refunded with what happened in the product would be pathetic compared to my suffering. I have 3 small children, but do not want to leave the house . anyone has been in a similar situation or can suggest anything?
Drove into a pothole and would like to be compensated.?3liquid ice 2012-02-05 00:11:16
Do I have any right to compensation for the city or the Ministry of Public Works This is the story . I was crossing the railroad tracks and had a hole that was not visible due to visibility in low light at night. My left front tire went into the hole and threw out the bottom of the vehicle, which is the depth of the hole is . The air bags did not deploy , but made the impact sensors are now the airbag light is on. Also blocked my seat belt and does not retract or extend the length. Now I need the strut replaced and the award of one. I feel I should not have to pay for all this. Let's keep in mind that there were no street lights or any sign or mark indicating that there was a bump or a hole here . Becaus I was also going 10 miles per hour was reduced by passing the railroad crossing. Also I have full car insurance for this to be something that can atleast pay a deductible and not have my insurance go up, as it was not my fault? Please do not respond with immature responses . Thank you.
Should I be compensated for a babysitting cancellation?4Cecilia2012-09-18 12:49:03
I made a written agreement with one of my clients that I nanny babysitter for your child during the summer between the dates of such and such. A week before I start babysitting, she says
Has anyone ever been compensated for a diminished value claim?0Michaelia2011-12-30 08:57:41
My Pontiac G6 2009 with 35,000 miles was damaged another weekend in an accident. Another driver was found at fault, and he crossed into my lane. State Farm insurance. State Farm is paying for the damages. However, I have been told to file a claim with them diminshed value . My body type, said before my car accident was on a trade in value of $ 12,000 to $ 13,000. ( No retail value ) estimates the trade in value on it now after a crash and repair would be only $ 5,000 to $ 6,000. This is a significant difference. She said her insurance should cover loss of value. However, when talking about State Farm say there is no such thing as the diminished value claims . My research says that there have been several successful lawsuits with State Farm in MN (where I live ) and other states as well. I found several consulting firms , but I'm hesitant to put money into this until I find out more. So .. Does anyone out there I got no less valuable demand ? If so ... What route it took to achieve their solution? Thank you !
Can I be compensated for my inconvience by insurance company?8Ophelia2012-07-23 05:26:02
My car was leaning on Thursday , the lady who hit full responsiblility , the thing is, the mechanic told me not to drive my car unless really necessary because the engine oil cooler was damaged and the possibility of to close a leak. The insurance company finally said Saturday that would cover a rental until tomorrow when you get it fixed , but would have to pay for it first. I do not have the money to pay out of pocket for a rental car , so for the past six days I've had to cancel appointments , wait for my husband to get home to run errands, etc. I have also spent hours on the phone long distance with this insurance company and paid out of pocket to fax things for them . Do I have the right to borrow money beyond the damage of my car for my loss of a car for six days and discomfort, and what do you think will pay? The company is Allstate. Thank you.
Will my kids be compensated if they were with me in hat car and were hit in the rear ,while car was station?1Owe2012-07-22 13:33:02
Will my children be compensated if they were with me in the car and hit his hat in the rear, while the car was the season ?

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