Pregnancy symptoms? Or another illness?

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Background: Im 19. Been in a relationship for two years. Last birth control shot was supposed to be May 17th. Didnt get it due to drop of health insurance. I bled for three weeks after missing my shot. My boyfriend and I havr been having unprotected sex regularly, but he pulls out everytime (not the safest idea, i know).

Symptoms: No period for 5 weeks. Milky white, thickish discharge (not cottage cheese like). Nauseous last night, no vomiting. Always eating though I never really feel hungry. When i do let my stomach get empry I feel nauseous. I got dizzy just today. When sitting in an awkward position if i sneeze it gives me sharp pains in my abdomen. Lastly, my.nipples get hard at the slightest touch or change in temperature.

Could this be pregnancy? Could there be any other explanation? Maybe my body just being weird and adjusting to not having the depro vera?

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