Conservatives: why don't you buy your own health care insurance and stop complaining about Obama care? related questions

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Conservatives: why don't you buy your own health care insurance and stop complaining about Obama care?1Sarai2012-09-09 15:15:03
Why are republicans complaining about obama health care law?1kellie pricley2012-10-27 00:10:02
Obama's health care law has more prons than cons yet republicans and whining rich cry babies complain about the 1** flaw that everyone is mandated to have heathcare insurance. So let's get this straight its bad to have a call that reduces cost, prevent company from preconditioning discrimination, increases your coverage till your are at an age that you can completely take care of your self, provides medicaid to the needy, and affordable rates to seniors..but requires all of our hineys to be covered? Its required in my state to have auto insurance no one is complaining and I guess republicans rather have a 100,000 bill if they get a slip and fall injury. Are these people complete idiots? Or are my highly wide open eyes am not seeing the bigger picture?
Why do conservatives think they're going to pay for Obama care if everyone has to have and pay their own?0anonumous2012-07-17 17:12:02
That was the focus of Obama , instead of free loaders who do not pay in the emergency room , everyone must have insurance and if you can not pay due to income , the government subsidizes . Millions are taken from the taxes to buy $ 600 ashtrays for the Pentagon not! Better use of tax dollars ...
Isn't it nice of Obama to let all those corporation stop paying for health care and making you pay instead?1Hollana2012-09-22 05:24:03
The average employer pays $10,000 per year as their share of your health insurance. In 2014 they can drop your insurance plan and only pay a $2000 a year penalty. The corporations get to save on average $8000 per employee. But now that they aren't,t paying who does? Well every other country with government run health care has the value added tax or VAT It,s what Pelosi's was talking about in that interview in October 2009 Boy the Democrats sure are nice to their rich corporate friends? Now how many people in the Obama administration used to work at Goldman Sachs?
Why doesnt Obama stop pretending to be listening to other ideas on health care?1T.T2012-10-13 00:10:03
Why Are Conservatives Comparing Health Care To Auto Care?2mya2012-08-30 12:01:04
Cars are a luxury. If you can't afford insurance then you shouldn't own and drive a car. That's why we have public transportation (but I guess that wouldn't matter if you lived in the unsustainable car-cultured suburbs). Good health care is a necessity for humans to survive in this world. You can't do much of anything if you have a massive brain tumor but can't afford to treat it (although you pay just as much taxes to our governemnt as anyone else).
Concerning Health Care, do you think Republicans are complaining without understanding why they should be?0Access Database2012-07-11 22:48:03
complaining about and Democrats are cheering without understanding what they are cheering for? We all got screwed and many don't get it still. We have been taken for a huge ride by Big Health Insurance Lobby, Big Pharma Lobby and Big Hospital Lobby. There is only one cure for this health care disease and its called Single Payer. We should have shuttered Blue Cross and United Healthcare and the rest of that Mafia while we had a chance, but we did not. Both Democrats and Republicans fell for the bright shiney lies told but your handlers, and now we are all screwed and now it will get worse so have plenty of Vasoline on hand. Corporate America will be even richer by sucking our blood than before. Suckers. SPUSA Socialist Party of the United States
Does Obama care make buying insurance mandatory or is it health care provided by the government?1kokodiva2012-11-03 13:05:04
I live in Canada and I heard Obama's attention on the Internet. Therefore, health care is universal and most other first world countries where you have treated health care as a public service or is it just something that forces you to buy private insurance ? Another thing , maybe?
Would a decision from a company to stop health care be because of the "Health care reform bill'?3ptarmigan2012-06-12 17:08:05
just a thought pretty quiet about company
Who are the reps. fooling they say ss. medcare and obama care are too expensive what about private health care?0tomi2012-07-17 15:45:01
finally the private cost of coverage and health care is so expensive that only the rich can afford them. the public are a bunch of fools and I can not see this. we are paying more for insurance , copays and deductibles and other expenses. soon not be able to pay for them. Universal health care will soon be here believe it or not . our current system is unsustainable and will collapse . and if the replicates. destroy ss . that will destroy the nation.
What is going to happen when the Obama Care supporters realize that they don't get free health care?0Luc2012-07-25 01:54:04
In fact, they are now forced to buy insurance , if they don't have it, or pay a tax. Anyway you look at it the poor now have to pay more.
Does Obama really care about health care or does he just want something to pass to help create...?1que-3席 ≥2012-08-24 02:10:21
... a legacy? If he really wanted to improve health care why not start a national debate and then go from there? Why are you trying to cram something down our throats ? Why will not discuss the details ? What is your plan? He has said he wanted a single payer in the past. Do not you realize what this will do to the private insurance industry ? If so why did he not answer questions about long-term effects of your system. You have a lot of splaining ' to do , Lucy.

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