At-fault partys auto insurance is not enough to cover my medical expenses (even with my underinsured coverage) related questions

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At-fault partys auto insurance is not enough to cover my medical expenses (even with my underinsured coverage)0Keirstan2012-07-21 03:09:03
I was rear-ended by an 18 yr old, and sustained spinal injuries. I have been off work now for 9 mths. and my disability ins. will only pay for 12. His insurance policy will only cover part of my expenses. And even with my own underinsured ins., I am looking at a lot more expenses. I was told by my Md. that I need surgery for my herniated discs, which are causing me great pain. In the meantime, once my disability coverage runs out, I will have no more income to live off of. My atty. told me that once the insurance maximums are met, I can only sue the person who hit me for any overages. But, he's only an 18 year old. What can I do? Not only about my medical situation, but also about my financial situation. How can I afford upcoming medical expenses and cost of living? How do so many people get lost wages, etc. in these cases? Is it that they were just injured by someone with money or extra insurance? I'm unable to work on my existing job (of 27yrs) with this injury. HELP!
Can someone in poor health and has medical coverage qualify for life insurance to cover funeral expenses1Be2012-07-08 13:55:12
Can someone in poor health and has medical coverage qualify for life insurance to cover funeral expenses
One good reason to require insurance against PROPERTY damage expenses (auto. ins.) but not medical expenses?0study freak2012-10-26 12:15:03
I realize that auto insurance encompasses medical expenses related to an auto accident, so I'm referring to OTHER medical expenses. Also, I realize that medical insurance may, to some extent, encourage people to take less care ("moral hazard"), but that can clearly be seen as well with auto insurance, which most states require regardless.
When does my uninsured/ underinsured auto insurance start paying my medical bills ?0Dempse2012-07-24 20:02:02
If I am injured as a passanger in a car, does my auto's Underinsured motorist cover me?3 '- [You are willing, Ni, old love -2012-02-06 01:28:23
Assuming that the car that hit us is totally guilty.
Will my auto insurance cover my medical bills if i'm at fault?1Lisel2012-07-24 00:50:02
I know the responsibility only covers the other hand, there is a part that covers me if the other party is at fault , but is not guaranteed. But what if an accident is classified as my fault .. Is there any coverage for medical care ? thanks
If medical insurance will not cover injuries from an auto accident why do they ask if you have it and then limit your coverage2chorizo 2012-01-13 17:39:41
If the insurance does not cover damage from a car accident , why ask me if you have it and then limit their coverage
Who would pay for medical expenses in a no fault car accident?1Aaron2012-05-19 00:54:42
I was involved in a car accident and was not my fault. Who pays for hospital emergency visit by the accident that occurred in New Jersey? I heard that NJ state law has 'no fault' . Can you please explain the process.
Who pays for medical expenses in a car accident if I am at fault?3swan2012-10-07 03:45:03
Yesterday I was involved in a stack of four vehicles and since I was the last car had to be accountable. All I have is liability insurance on my car. My car was totaled and the other vehicles involved were damaged slightly. I'm in a huge amount of pain , but I need to know if I went to the doctor that I have to pay or will flip to my insurance company the bill ?
I have medical insurance, why do I have to pay back medical expenses out of my auto accident settlement?0helppp!2012-09-26 19:15:05
A drunk driver rear-ended me in 2006, I have medical insurance that I pay for through my job. When my attorney told me the driver didn't have insurance I knew I was in trouble. My auto insurance paid part of my medical, I paid my co-pays and continued to go to the doctor/surgeons. When the attorney came to me and told me that I should settle because there was no more money I felt that I should so that I would not have to pay the firm anymore than was needed. But to my suprise he told me that I was going to have to pay the doctors for the amount that my insurance company had paid out. I thought what am I paying insurance premiums for? Is there anyone that can give me an answer to this? I don't think it's fair as I still have to go for medical care for this accident and my insurance pays it now.
Can I ask for say 6000.00 plus medical expenses in accident claim that was not my fault?0twisted angel 2012-11-01 23:44:10
I was a passenger in a car that was involved in bad roll over then 3 months later car come flying out of a driveway and broadsides me the insurance company on 2nd claim is offering me 6400.00 I know in the state of california I have to pay medical expenses can I ask them to cover them and the 6400.00. They are them same company in both accidents. Because of these 2 accidents I lost money for college because I could no longer compete in track at field
My aunt was hit in the rear of her car other partys fault.?1Be2012-07-25 06:33:03
There was no damage to the environment and its car and she refused the ambulance ride the other persons insurance paid for the rental car and to get fixed , but that's all. My aunt is confused because she is receiving physical therapy for back to their own insurance and are paying your lawyer says she is not getting the money back . I just want to be sure all necessary steps have been made about my aunt , this is new and confusing for her thanks .

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