Can I put my fiance on my medical insurance, if I live and work in the US, but he lives in London? related questions

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Can I put my fiance on my medical insurance, if I live and work in the US, but he lives in London?0S.D.2012-07-20 22:47:02
We plan to get married in September, and he will move to the US at that time. But he doesn't have a Social Security Number?
I live with my fiance, can I get health insurance coverage through his.?0liana2012-07-21 23:46:02
I am currently going to school and live with my boyfriend. He works and has health insurance is possible for me to also be covered by your health insurance policy ?
I am a german citizen, live in London and want to sell Life Insurance in the USA. Is that possible?0zebra2012-06-04 16:15:38
Is that possible? If I can not sell in London? How I can obtain a license from life in London ?
If I live in Oklahoma but my mom lives in kansas can she put her name on my insurance for me?1heifer2012-05-10 18:49:15
I really need to know, thanks.
Why is it the insurance comp. dictate how we live our lives?1Jackie2012-05-21 16:30:24
How do insurance companies determine how we live ? tell us we have to be thin is not disease free and healthy smokers or they will not cover and then do what u have to pay to drive their own vehicle and you want to delete Ur or if one or more hits . if that's not what the dictator ship
Can i be under my dads car insurance if i live in ga and he lives in north carolina?0Lils2012-10-08 13:42:02
Im 20 years old and I'm looking to buy a car .
I live in South East London and wondered if I have to have terrorism insurance to get a mortgage for my flat?3Vows. 2012-07-30 17:40:57
I am told that some mortgage companies do not give mortgages without property to be insured by terrorism even though we live in SE26 in a small block of 12 flats and wondered if this was the case?
If i im on my fathers insurance policy but he lives on ct and i live on Boston can i still register the car?0Parco2012-05-14 17:52:18
If i im in my parents' insurance policy , but live in CT and I live in Boston ¿ I can register the car?
My couusin is giving me his car. He lives in US. I live in Canada?4Suddenly Psychotic 2012-03-12 03:48:44
the car is not sure how to transport frm america here
How to buy medical insurance for 70+ who lives outside US now?0Carol Masters2012-09-23 22:06:02
My mother just had an interview with the immigration process in the U.S. Embassy in China , was told to ask the petitioner ( me ) to buy health insurance from here . I ask different insurance agents , but most of them do not offer the service for more than 65 years , also my mom right now is out of the country , has no Social Security number , however , I can not do nothing . Can anyone give me some ideas to solve the issue of insurance, so I can rediscover my mom .
I live in the greater K.C. area. I think an acquaintance of mine who lives in Missouri might be?0fiat2012-09-25 07:02:02
Kansas using my address for your auto insurance . She has all mail sent to a P.O. Kansas avoid any mail box actually comes to my address . I do not know how to know for sure if this is true . I called the DMV in Kansas and only have your PO Box file and not seem to care where you live (mostly because they are receiving the same income and the state of Missouri is losing . ) I do not know if the insurance company has expressed concern about this. I wonder if she is using my address fraudulent ? ? ? ?
My daughter wants to buy/lease a new car for me, problem is that she lives in New York and I live in Hawaii.?0Kenzi2012-11-02 20:17:31
My local dealer isn't very helpful. The car would have to be registered in Hawaii for registration/insurance reasons. The car would have to be financed. Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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