I feel its profiling or discriminating for insurance co to use credit to determine rates,is it? related questions

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I feel its profiling or discriminating for insurance co to use credit to determine rates,is it?0Tiff2012-07-19 23:21:02
have perfect driving record , but pay big bucks for my car ins . I have lost 48 years of age credit standing because doctors wives . Do you think I should start a class action suite some reason this is really unfair , perhaps discriminating and profiling me?
Which car insurance companies do not use credit history to determine their rates?0Mahesh Chandra2012-06-27 19:17:01
Most insurance companies use credit information to determine the rate you get. Thus, having bad credit can make you pay a higher premium. What companies do not use credit information to determine your rate ?
What does a person credit score have to do with rates on car insurance rates?0student_helper872012-08-16 11:45:03
It should be against the law since everyone must carry car insurance. Also, what does my low credit score got to with my great driving record? Sounds like another reason to raise rates because most credit scores are low across the board. If someone pays their insurance company on time and has a good driving record should be their only concerns. Doesn't that make sense to raise car insurance rates to persons that had a hard time paying a bill, bit made all their car insurance payments on time. If there are others out there mad about this issue please help me do something about this robbing...
What Factors Determine life Insurance Rates?0Cuson2012-05-22 11:34:12
What factors determine term life insurance rates ? I have 29 years , healthy, and bought a house 1.5 years (our only debt besides my SL ) if you have any relationship with your thoughts.
Car Insurance companies determine your premium based on age/marital status/job/gender/credit (see below)?0yorkie2012-08-10 04:15:04
Why not just go ahead and be bred . I mean I do not agree with him , but there is a form of descrimination someone the price according to their age. Yes I understand there are statistics that show younger person have more accidents . But they already priced according to gender. I'm sure there are statistics showing that blacks and whites have more accidents after the other vice versa ....
Should companies be allowed to use your family health records to determine your coverage and rates?4He Hate Me 2012-10-12 04:24:01
I was reading recently that insurance companies are using family history to estimate the rates and even deny coverage where one can perceive a loss or a bad investment. I think most corporate employees are protected from such scrutiny, and should be allowed to join the group policies , except pre- existing conditions will enable the insurer to participate. But self-employed or employees of, say, a small private school can not get coverage at a reasonable price because his mom 's dad had a heart attack , colon cancer , etc. ..
How do you feel about insurance companies pulling your credit report?4Monica2012-09-22 21:15:03
I live in a state of Michigan, where is the right to have insurance . I have also been denied insurance by a large insurance company determined on the basis of my credit score. I just do not think you should be able to pull your credit report if required by state law to carry . Hey, if I cancel payment .
How do you feel about your car insurance being rated by your credit score instead of your driving record?6Jessie2012-05-10 07:13:42
How do you feel about your car insurance can be qualified by your credit score instead of your driving record ?
What does credit have to do with insurance rates? I do not see the correlation.?4mouse2012-10-08 00:48:02
My credit is good, not the best and not horrible. But I have a ticket or an accident in my driving record. I have not had a ticket of at least 6 years. However, my rates are higher than another guy who has good credit, but has 2 fault in accidents and a speeding ticket . Besides draft and collision claims . I guess you do not see the image?
Should auto insurance rates be based on credit?0Dane2012-09-10 11:29:07
That is what is happening now . I have bad credit because I'm paying double what you would pay if you had excellent credit . I've never been at fault in an accident in my life . Age (49) . I did a quote for auto insurance and credit saw affected my rates . Do not you think this is illegal , what insurance companies are doing . Can be a major class action ?
Why do insurance companies base rates on credit?3Jame2012-06-17 11:08:06
Disease damage to our family financially, but we recovered and are in the process of credit recovery. The funny thing is that we have never missed a payment of insurance - or have expired policies. We have been consistent users of 19 years playing safe . Our driving record and insurance record is also clean. Why is it fair for insurers to use credit against you - when you can not know the circumstances.
Is credit used in determining health insurance rates?2Melody2012-09-15 11:31:03
I graduated in GA property and casualty insurance , so I know credit is used to help determine rates for auto and homeowners insurance , but is considered in the health insurance?

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