In a three vehicle collision where there is no proof of the third vehicle whos at fault?

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Asked at 2012-07-19 03:32:02
Hi all . This is a bit confusing since I'm still trying to understand myself so bare with me. I was involved in a traffic accident on the freeway during rush hour in which the rear end . Pulling aside only the vehicle that hit me and I had left . When the exchange of information to the party who hit me said he was tapped what made me realize. I saw the movement of vehicles or a third vehicle to pull to one side. I basically need a new bumper because the damage is so severe. However, when going through your insurance claim is saying that she can not be the fault would be the fault of a third party causing him to hit me and the only way would be to see the damages to your bumper . She said the defense has markings very small screws holding the plate of the third vehicle .

Now my question is ... Is it even possible that your insurance claim that lack of vehicles was third despite that there is no proof that the vehicle? She could not specify the model to the color of the registration plate of the vehicle will hit demand. What I can do to fight this, if this is again the result?

Thanks for the reply and this happened in California.
Answer1alyceAnswered at 2012-11-02 20:37:53
Leave it to your insurance to sort out.

Of course her insurance will use any chance to wriggle out of paying but end of day she was still too close to you. If she'd been at the correct distance being tail ended would not have pushed her in to you.

Did you examine the rear of her car for damage? To be hit hard enough to be pushed forward must have left some sort of mark
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