Undiagnosed side pain and fatigue?

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Brad Imahara
Asked at 2012-07-18 11:18:03
During the last month I have been suffering from flank pain in the upper right abdominal region , along with occasional headaches ( at least one per day) , lack of appetite , nausea that comes and goes , but not vomiting , irregular bowel movements and fatigue horrible. Last night I passed out at 6 pm and woke up around 9 , I still feel tired right now. I have been to the emergency room for pain in the side 2 times and have had gallstones and rule out anything "serious " according to the ER doc . I bought a medical insurance that will be launched TMRW so you can finally be seen by a specialist in digestive tuffing I've been out during the last two weeks from the last ER visit and reduced to half of working tuff is owning a small business. I've been eating a vegan / macrobiotic diet for the last month and have lost about 10 pounds. in recent weeks , not being able to eat regularly , not diseases. I just want to feel normal again , but can not afford to keep taking off work, especially invoices from recent emergency room visits . Any ideas ?
Answer1Daniel momAnswered at 2012-09-02 09:06:02
Does the government out possibility ER anything related kidney , such as kidney or infections ? MedlinePlus check the spleen ? Just curious . If you do not get the control. MedlinePlus Otherwise, I would say the gastrointestinal tract might even have some bacteria MedlinePlus related diseases In the upper intestine . So things to rule out also .
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