How much money will I need for monthly expenses?

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Asked at 2012-07-17 20:01:02
Hello ( : I have 17 years and going out of my parents' house at about 7 months and a friend rented a beautiful house on the river and offered to let me live with it for only $ 100 a month. ! (: I wonder how much money is needed for my other monthly expenses like gas, food , insurance, etc. Utilities , cable , internet, covered, and I have no car payments Feel free to add any advice for me .. you have to be can be appreciated , thanks!
Answer1McKeeAnswered at 2012-07-26 13:16:04
Believe rental homes cost much more than would be wondering what kind of scam it is or what else does he want from you in return .

At 17 years must stay alive at home with their parents and when she graduates early education at the university nearest the community or trade school and get a job part-time and saving your money and not to live with another.

I can say that you are young, and we are asking for information when you could be looking at himself in previous posts on YA . In addition, you have not given us all the information we need, and even some information, if in writing and we do not know how you live so you can not say. If you are moving somewhere, or even go to school transport needs first. So forget about going out and get your computer and if not in work and earn money, and then enter the school and pay out of pocket.
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