Who are the reps. fooling they say ss. medcare and obama care are too expensive what about private health care? related questions

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Who are the reps. fooling they say ss. medcare and obama care are too expensive what about private health care?0tomi2012-07-17 15:45:01
finally the private cost of coverage and health care is so expensive that only the rich can afford them. the public are a bunch of fools and I can not see this. we are paying more for insurance , copays and deductibles and other expenses. soon not be able to pay for them. Universal health care will soon be here believe it or not . our current system is unsustainable and will collapse . and if the replicates. destroy ss . that will destroy the nation.
How would Obama Care affect private health insurance company?0stef2012-08-06 08:24:01
How Obama care will affect the private health insurance company ?
When Obama was asked "how in the world can a private company compete in health care" at his town hall, why did?0theanmozhyi2012-09-26 19:11:03
to dance around the question and not respond ? Do not you think Fred Astire in old movies that do a tap dance on stage? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Here is a link to the actual question and answer MedlinePlus MedlinePlus http://www.freedomslighthouse.com/2009 / 0
What is going to happen when the Obama Care supporters realize that they don't get free health care?0Luc2012-07-25 01:54:04
In fact, they are now forced to buy insurance , if they don't have it, or pay a tax. Anyway you look at it the poor now have to pay more.
Conservatives: why don't you buy your own health care insurance and stop complaining about Obama care?1Sarai2012-09-09 15:15:03
Does Obama care make buying insurance mandatory or is it health care provided by the government?1kokodiva2012-11-03 13:05:04
I live in Canada and I heard Obama's attention on the Internet. Therefore, health care is universal and most other first world countries where you have treated health care as a public service or is it just something that forces you to buy private insurance ? Another thing , maybe?
Does Obama really care about health care or does he just want something to pass to help create...?1que-3席 ≥2012-08-24 02:10:21
... a legacy? If he really wanted to improve health care why not start a national debate and then go from there? Why are you trying to cram something down our throats ? Why will not discuss the details ? What is your plan? He has said he wanted a single payer in the past. Do not you realize what this will do to the private insurance industry ? If so why did he not answer questions about long-term effects of your system. You have a lot of splaining ' to do , Lucy.
Do you think maternity care should be necessary care on private health insurance?0Mayah2012-07-28 06:38:59
as if a woman is paying for their own health insurance , a necessary cesarean section should be covered? Note that a difficult pregnancy could cost $ 30,000 and expenditures of about $ 15,000 for cesarean section.
Must we continue to pay for emergency room care for the uninsured, if the Court rules out Obama Care?1Dolores2012-05-22 23:09:11
As it stands now, if someone who does not opt to pay for health care is shot in a hunting accident , or mangled in a fall from a cliff , or have a massive heart attack , or is beaten by lightning or gets a deadly staph infection , or food poisoning from eating anything imported from China, or develops pneumonia, or get lung cancer from smoking cigarettes, or have a toenail in the adult, or have sneezing, or not feeling well, or is going bald , or have something in your eye, or has a rash, or is constipated from eating junk food, or you notice your memory is failing , or can not see as well as could the last week, or want advice on how to lose weight or think a ghost following him or her back pain , or have a sunburn, or have a muscle cramp . or simply believe they are about to die , or any of the millions of real or imagined wrongs that people explain to emergency rooms each year , we, you and I have to pay for insurance premiums through a increase in health insurance that you choose to buy. Obama 's mandate , the focus shifts that cost to those who refuse to buy health insurance . It does so through the IRS as a penalty on your taxes. What 's wrong with that? It works and is very popular in Massachusetts , how is that so different from the rest of us ?
Republicans own the Supreme Court so how will they vote On Romney care- oops I mean Obama care?1Amar2012-09-12 21:45:05
And who is the Republican Party ? Business neoconservative Republicans who are pro- Ins Medical Health Industry - the Obligatory Health Insurance? O true constitutional conservative
Isn't Romney Care/Obama Care really just insurance regulations?1lilman2012-07-24 17:16:03
we wanted socialized medicine- we get insurance regs- WTF??
Why can't we just do this, instead of the expensive Health Care Bill?4partridge2012-10-07 06:49:02
Open the borders of all states , so that insurance companies have much more competition. Also give tax breaks to those who only lower their prices. 1 :. Increased competition leads to more options and less price How is that possible? Take the economy to know. Say a company sells a truck for $ 15,000 , with high mileage and other properties. Now, another company sells a truck , which is slightly better than the other truck, but for $ 12,000. What will be the first company to do to beat the competition ? Make better cars and lower prices to compete. Same with everything else! Examples of this can be seen every day, with cable companies , fast food, etc ... And of course there will be more options if more insurance companies to choose from. (duh ) 2: Lower taxes for those who do lower prices will help reduce prices How? Well, let's see here. You lower prices and you get a huge tax cut . ** Well, with lower prices , chances to win more customers, but with massive tax cuts * The * , you will keep more of the money they earn . It actually creates an incentive for companies to lower prices , after all , they love money. If you've read a book or have studied economics, it is easy to see that companies like to maximize profits. And saying " That's not a big difference," think again ... Why should we spend more than a trillion , when there are cheaper ways to do this? Give me your opinions and please do not be childish - to explain his theories ...

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